Are you qualified for a third dose of the Covid-19 vaccine as a precaution? As the drive begins tomorrow, make a checklist

Only those who have successfully received their second dose of the Covid vaccine 9 months ago can now receive their third dose. The government recommends a 9-month (39-week) interval between the second and third doses.

Beginning January 10, India will start administering the third dose of the Covid vaccine to priority groups of the population. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has declared that the vaccination drive in India would be expanded to include children for the first two doses and priority populations for the third dose. Teenagers between the ages of 15 and 18 have received vaccines since January 3.

Registration for the precaution dose booster dose on Co-WIN began on January 8.

Eligibility, cost, and everything you need to know about the Covid precaution dose:

1. The third dose is available to front-line workers and senior citizens with co-morbidities.

2. Although a doctor’s certificate is not required when administering the precaution dose, consulting a doctor before receiving the precaution dose is recommended.

3. There must be a 9-month interval between the second and third doses. So, if you received your double dose by the first week of April 2021, you are the only one who is eligible for the precaution dose now. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait until 39 weeks have passed since your second dose.

4. If you have Covishield, your third dose will be Covishield as well. Covaxin is the same way. The government has made it illegal to mix and match vaccines.

5. There is no need to re-register on Co-Win. Appointments can be scheduled through the website. Otherwise, walk-ins are welcome.

The health ministry recognizes documents such as voter ID, Aadhaar, passports, and driving licenses.

7. Priority groups are vaccinated at no cost in government hospitals.

What is the significance of the booster dose?

Several countries have given their citizens booster doses. In India, this is referred to as a precaution dose rather than a booster dose. The decision to administer the third dose was made in light of the recent global increase in Covid-19 cases. Cases are increasing exponentially in India as well, and Omicron, the variant of concern discovered on November 24, is being blamed. Scientists have found that people’s immunity is fading, whether from previous infection or vaccination. People who have been vaccinated are also becoming infected because Omicron has properties that allow it to bypass the body’s immunity shield.
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