Vedic launches an all-new menu at The Westin Kolkata Rajarhat

The in-house culinary team has meticulously crafted the season’s freshest ingredients.

Kolkata: The Westin Kolkata Rajarhat is all set to discover a wide diversity of Indian culture & traditions with its new menu at Vedic, the specialty restaurant of the property, from the 4th of February, 2023 onwards.

Vedic is a modern interpretation of the Indian classic regional cuisine in the abstract form. The interiors, artwork, and live music unite to create an orchestrated symphony that calms the body, mind, and spirit. The balanced intergenerational harmony and a focus on holistic dining are prevalent, encouraging an informal service approach and embracing the ethnic way.

The in-house culinary team has meticulously crafted the season’s freshest ingredients into the three menus from the winter collection, i.e., Himam, Hemanta, and Sishir, which are included in the menu, ensuring a balance between flavor and wellness. The chefs have used slow cooking and organic ingredients to craft the dishes like ‘Raktaphalam’ (Inspired by the cooking techniques and spices of south India, high in vitamin c, boosts the digestive and immunity system, infusion of curry leaves pesto and tomato foam with tomato caviars), ‘Bajre ka Raab’ (internationally award-winning recipe, puffed gond, bajra, and buttermilk soup, helps in stimulating the movement of intestines, prevention of aging, wrinkles, and pimples), ‘Kavak Galvani Raab’ (our India’s most expensive and exotic gucchi mushroom broth and foamed, intense flavors of guchchi confit oil, dehydrated and powdered guchi mushrooms, only found in Himalayas after snowfall), ‘Winter greens saag,’ ‘Dal Vedic,’ ‘Black rice,’ ‘Neerabijh kesar’ to name a few. The patrons can also savor an array of sweet delights like ‘Berry firni,”’ Pista halwa,”’ Palm jaggery pPongalto name. Additionally, Vedic’s mixologists have devised a variety of flavorful cocktails based on the restaurant’s central concept.

Vedic is one of the few eateries in India where the menu is created for the welfare and harmony of the body and mind. With its spectacular location on the 31st floor of The Westin Kolkata Rajarhat, coupled with its unique philosophy and offerings, this restaurant promises to create an unparalleled experience for every patron.
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