Tunki dekhe daane pe daana, munki ko harane ka naya bahana?

Tunki Dekhe Daane Pe Daana, Munki Ko Harane Ka Naya Bahana? Nourish’s New TVC #SehatKiSunoNourishHiChuno intends to highlight the benefits of eating Unpolished, healthy, and nutritious pulses .

The brand ropes in Shetty sisters for its new TVC Tunki dekhe daane pe daana, Munki ko harane ka Naya bahana? Shilpa Shetty, aka Munki, and her sister Shamita Shetty aka Tunki, face off in the new television commercial for ‘Nourish.’ The commercial #SehatKiSunoNourishHiChuno.

Reinforces the importance of choosing the healthiest and most nutritious range of unpolished pulses. The ad goes on air today on television channels, OTT, radio, digital, and print media.

The ad intends to showcase the reasons and importance of eating unpolished pulses compared to polished pulses.

Fitness icon and Bollywood diva Shilpa Shetty, who is also the brand ambassador of Nourish, is seen in this ad advising her on-screen and off- screen sister, Shamita Shetty, the benefits of consuming only unpolished pulses.

In the opening scene of the ad, Shamita, dressed as a detective, is trying to look for the polished pulses from the dal box kept in the kitchen, to which Shilpa comments that she will not find any glossy seeds in the box as they consume Nourish pulses which are 100% unpolished, hygienic, and healthy.

In the second scene, Shilpa advocates that Nourish pulses are nutritious and have high protein levels.

Being vacuum-packed and zip locked, the freshness and hygiene of the pulses are maintained.

Closing in on the lines #SehatKiSunoNourishHiChuno Munki (Shilpa) puts an end to Tunki's (Shamita) struggle to find polished dal in nourished, unpolished dal and tells her to be innovative and make the right choice for her health. " My staple lunch is always dal, chawal, and roti.

I prefer food that is unpolished, high fiber, and protein-enriched. What I like about Nourish is that its pulses are coarse – it's not about how it looks but what it does" says Shilpa Shetty, Ambassador, Nourish.

Ashish Khandelwal, Managing Director, BL Agro, says, “We have always believed in offering nutrition and healthy foods to our customers. Through this ad, we intend to highlight further our uniqueness in packaging the unpolished pulses to keep their freshness intact”.
Richa Khandelwal, Managing Director, Leads Brand Connect, the agency, which conceptualized the ad says, “the ad takes a more quirky approach of showcasing Shilpa as the Nutrition Champion, while Tunki (Shamita) is slightly jealous of the fact that Munki (Shilpa) is always right. We wanted to create an ad which could keep the viewers engaged to know what exactly Shamita is up to and then highlight the benefits of Nourish.”
With the release of this ad, BL Agro is running a contest called #NourishTunkiMunki on all social media handles of Nourish. The company intends to engage existing and prospective customers through this contest, where winners are chosen daily.
The questions of the contest are about nutrition and food. “The best part of the contest is that there would be not one but 100 winners every day. This will keep the excitement and engagement level high as the chances of winning the Nourish hampers as gifts are more”,
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