The Saudi Culinary Arts Commission presents local delicacies at SIRHA 2023 in Lyon

Our presence at shows such as SIRHA also opens new doors for our local producers who get to showcase our local products to the world.

Saudi Arabia will be represented alongside dozens of other countries at the 21st edition of SIRHA in Lyon, where players from the world of food and catering will come together

The Saudi Culinary Arts Commission invites visitors to a cultural and gastronomical journey through the Kingdom’s cuisine

Visitors will get a chance to interact with over twenty local producers at the event and learn about flagship food products through immersive experiences

January 2023, PARIS – The Saudi Culinary Arts Commission is celebrating the diversity of the Kingdom’s gastronomical delights by offering visitors a unique and authentic experience at SIRHA 2023. Participation in SIRHA 2023 is inspired by the contribution of culinary arts to rich cross-cultural dialogue. Gastronomic traditions unite people and communities and can open doors to discovering other cultures.

Mayada Badr, CEO of the Saudi Culinary Arts Commission, and chef says: “Food is at the root of culture. Sharing recipes allows us to travel across the world and connects us to each other. In doing so, we highlight the Kingdom’s culinary offerings through our homegrown ingredients, which inspire chefs to create and experiment with the country’s products.

Our presence at shows such as SIRHA also opens new doors for our local producers who get to showcase our local products to the world.”

To express the culinary diversity offered by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, its booth at SIRHA will enable visitors to live the country’s full culinary experience – including a chance to go behind the scenes of one of the country’s leading specialties: Saudi coffee.

Starting with cultivation, all the way through to preparation and tasting, coffee is deeply rooted in Saudi tradition. It is a drink that can be experienced and enjoyed in many ways, with each household adding its personal touch to the recipe.

At SIRHA, there will be ‘Irth’ coffee tasting, accompanied by the quintessential local fruit: the date. Five different types of dates will be served, alongside five distinct coffee recipes sourced from different regions of the Kingdom.

Visitors will also get a chance to immerse themselves in Saudi coffee culture through a virtual reality experience that lets them travel directly to the heart of a coffee farm and learn about its history.
More than 50 other products such as honey, raw coffee beans and hasawi rice will also be presented onsite, showcasing some of the Kingdom’s various culinary specialties.

The Saudi Culinary Arts Commission booth will be open to the public from January 19 to 23 from 9am to 6pm at location 1K16 – 1K19.

About the Ministry of Culture:

Saudi Arabia has a rich history of arts and culture. The Ministry of Culture role is to develop the cultural economy and enrich the daily lives of citizens, residents, and visitors.
Overseeing 11 sector-specific commissions, the Ministry is leading a cultural transformation to develop a rich ecosystem that nurtures creativity, unlocks the economic potential of the sector and unleashes new and inspiring forms of expression.
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