The industry has witnessed a move towards premiumization in Tea, with more focus on quality, taste, and origin

Prittle Prattle News in conversation with Mr. Haresh Kathrotiya, the Managing Director of GM Tea Packers

Over the last 21 years, Tulsi Tea has established itself as a distinct tea brand. We are a boutique and regional offering from Gujarat for Gujarat and Gujarati. Tulsi Tea has 9+ delicious blends with 56+ SKUs and green and lemon green tea. 

Could you describe more about the range of products/ services you offer? What is unique about your business?

Tea is a product of love, and I am passionate about tea. I love tea as much as any Gujarati does. I have spared no effort to ensure that quality is maintained at the highest level. We offer tea that is an unchallenged quality leader. My belief has been a simple one. If you provide good quality, you need nothing more than the opportunity to be tasted and tested by the consumer. Once that happens, the customer sticks to the quality. Offer good quality first, and all else will follow. We feel proud that many customers insist on carrying Tulsi Tea with them while traveling overseas to ensure a great start to their day.

Evolution in the past few years in the industry

The tea industry has seen several changes and advancements in the past few years. There has been an increasing focus on specialty and craft teas, with a wider variety of black tea blends being created. Additionally, the industry has seen an emphasis on sustainability and producers looking to reduce their environmental impact. The introduction of tea bags has also been a significant development for the industry, making tea more accessible to consumers and increasing convenience. Finally, the industry has seen a move towards premiumization, focusing more on quality, taste, and origin.

4 Business-to-Customer Success Factors

  • Consistent quality with the best value proposition.
  • Stay goal-focused, and don’t give up.
  • Provide a unique solution at an affordable price. 
  • Build systems & processes.

How did the company raise funding, or are you looking forward to the same?

So far, the company is self-sustainable & also raising funds through a combination of banking. Depending on the company’s future needs and opportunities, we may look to access additional funding sources, such as angel investors and IPO, if required. 

Explain B2C Outlook: Post Covid-19 Scenario by 2030.

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed how we do business and interact with consumers. The consumer landscape has shifted in ways no one could have anticipated, and companies have had to adapt to meet new consumer expectations. For businesses, a post-Covid world presents both challenges and opportunities. Companies must find new ways to engage with consumers and meet their evolving needs to succeed. Companies and consumers must adjust to the new normal in a post-Covid world. By leveraging technology such as contactless payment options, online ordering, and virtual customer services and focusing on customer experience, businesses can continue to provide value to their customers and remain competitive. Consumers can take advantage of digital opportunities and be mindful of spending to ensure they get the most out of their purchases.

Why did you choose this industry over any other space?

Tulsi Tea was started as an essential utility product for households. Over time, due to its consistent quality and taste, it has become the most preferred tea product at the regional level. Tulsi is a holy name that connects with purity, benefits & quality. The name itself is a brand.

Do you like participating in CSR initiatives, and what motivates you?

We are a responsible company, and we believe in giving back to society in various ways. We support healthcare, education, Para-Olympics sports person, and other similar activities as a part of our CSR commitment. 

Inspiring quote for aspiring youth.

As we build businesses, the hurdles are more than the joys. For every pleasure, expect 20 limitations. Therefore, if you think that there is one joy at the end of 20 hurdles, you will cross and anticipate each of these hurdles with the keen objective of discovering that one joy. You must love your work for that joy. This is my mantra.

Mr. Haresh Kathrotiya, the Managing Director of GM Tea Packers
Could you elaborate on the challenges you encountered while establishing and retaining?
The biggest challenge in establishing and retaining a customer base was finding the proper marketing channels to reach and build relationships with potential customers. We needed to find strategies to reach and engage with our target demographics while providing them with value-for-money products they needed help finding elsewhere. 
Another challenge was building customer trust and ensuring they felt confident in our product and services. We had to work hard to ensure that our customer service was top-notch and that our products and services were as reliable as possible. Finally, we had to stay competitive in a crowded marketplace. We needed to be creative and differentiate ourselves from our competitors. This included offering competitive prices, creating unique packages and promotions, and providing exceptional customer service.
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