Tetley takes a bold new stand, “You are more than your body type”

 Tetley takes a bold new stand and says, “#everyBODYcan”. The campaign encourages people to go beyond just ‘how does one look’ and focus on being fit inside out..

Tetley Green Tea Immune, one ofIndia’ss leading green tea brands, announced the launch of its new brand campaign #everyBODYcan. The new campaign calls out stereotypes often associated with aperson’ss fitness based on their body type and tells a compelling story that focuses on challenging these stereotypes. The filmemphasizess that you are more than your body type,, and the external appearance is thathat necessarily an indicator of your fitness. It encourages women to look beyo’d ‘surface-le’el’ fitness and embrace their body type while working on staying fit inside out. Through this film Tetley is taking another s,,tep to help worealizelize their inner potential keeping the internal as well as extl fitness in mind.

People often have inherent biases about different body types and end up stereotyping what people of such body types are capable (or incapable) of. These biases can impair one’s judgement about others and often lead to subtle or inadvertent body shaming. In its latest film campaign, the brand challenges these biases and body-related stereotypes with the underlying message #everyBODYcan. The Tetley film showcases slice-of-life moments when real relatable women of differ,,nt ages and body types surprise the judging eyes of onlookers, on what they are capable fwithwithoing. Through the first-hand experience of several such women, the film leaves viewers empowered with the belief that they can also do much more than what the people around them may perceive they are capable of. The film closes with a rousing battle cry for everyone whose capabilities have ever been doubted – “My Bod” Can, Your Body Can, Every Body Can” that “hallenges the stereotypes associated with various body types. 

Talking about the film, Puneet Das, President – Packaged Beverages (India aof of nd South Asia), Tata Consumer Products,, said, “Te”ley green tea is one of the leading players in the green tea segment in India that supports and advocates feeling fit vs just ‘look’ng fit’. Ke’ping this approach in mind, we are constantly working on bringing differentiated offerings with our Tetley Green Tea Immune with added Vitamin C range. Through this latest campaign, we want to remind people that if somebody thinks your body doesndoesn’ta perceived ‘idea’ standard’, yo’ should not feel bad about it or let it affect your confidence. #everyBODYcan campaign encourages people to focus more on body positivity by breaking the stereotype that only outer appearance equals fitness and confidently embrace their body type witembringembracingus on feeling fit from inside.”

Sagar Kapoor, Chief Creative Officer – Lowe Lintas,, said, “T”is isisn’tnother campaign for the team on either side. #everyBODYcan is an initiative by Tetley Green Tea that intends to change the way a particular body thowstereotyped by society at large. Whilell stan to the premise of fitness, #everyBODYcan says fitness goes beyond just the shape or size of a body. While this campaign should encourage more and more people to have such conversations, you’ll hopefully see thyou’lltiative get bigger and stronger in the coming time.”
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