Mumbai’s top 7 Instagram-worthy restaurants!

Simple good cuisine is no longer sufficient. Due to the increased social media popularity, the city’s eateries have had to come up with creative strategies to draw customers.

These restaurants are going all out, from gorgeous views of the Arabian Sea to stunning interiors transporting diners to unique foreign locales for instagram.

Taki Taki – This brand-new pan-Asian restaurant, situated in Lower Parel, has a great bar and elegant, modern design elements from the Far East. Deep red lighting amplifies the atmosphere at night, which animates the area and instantly conveys a sense of casual splendor. Additionally, it helps that the restaurant’s culinary staff offers a large variety of delectable sushi, dim sum, and baos. On top for instagram!

Trattoria – This famous restaurant opened in 1981 and is where we go in the city for consistently excellent pizza and Italian food. Recently, Trattoria underwent a complete makeover and reimagining to reflect a colorful new appearance infused with the coziness and warmth typical of modern Italian restaurants. The restaurant, run by chef Uddipan Chakravarthy, continues to serve its most well-liked dishes and some fresh, creative additions. Do not overlook their renowned Fiamma Pizza. One of the most Instagram-worthy places!

Opa Kipos – You’ll be taken to the Greek islands by Opa Kipos. The restaurant exudes a distinct Greek vibe because of its soothing blue and white color scheme, floral creepers, and luxurious couches. The restaurant’s traditional Mediterranean cuisine, Zorba dancing servers, and elegant interiors make it incredibly Instagram-worthy.

Donna Deli – Tejal Mathur, an interior designer, conceptualized Donna Deli as an homage to the cafes and bars seen on the streets of Rome. This restaurant offers charming outside sitting with lovely accents and opulent furniture. The lighting throughout the cafe is elegant and feminine. We highly recommend trying their delicious house-made spaghetti and Neapolitan-style pizza.

The Eau Bar – Chef Gurmeet Singh has selected a selection of small meals highlighting straightforward ingredients and complex flavors from around the world, focusing on Mumbai’s regional specialties. The Eau Bar features an exclusive al fresco and a spectacular inside area with unimpeded views of the Arabian Sea. Additionally, this restaurant bar has recently introduced “Breakfast at The Eau Bar,” making it the best dining location in the city for Instagram.

Bastian, Worli – The interiors of Bastian, Worli, a hotel located in the city’s center, were influenced by popular summer vacation spots worldwide. A 28-foot-tall bar accessed by a carefully crafted elevator is one of the restaurant’s spectacular design features. We adore the restaurant’s vibrant atmosphere and delicious multi-cuisine menu. Pictures taken here should definitely lift up your feed!

Saltt, Karjat – Saltt is the ideal short getaway from the city because of its idyllic location next to a peaceful lake and picturesque views of the surrounding farms and rolling hills. The restaurant’s sleek, modern decor emphasizes the vast, green surroundings. You won’t be sorry if you order their Salted Caramel Mousse, Wine-braised Red Pumpkin Risotto, Mac & Cheese Arancini, or Cajun Chicken Pizza!
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