Mumbai’s 5 Iranian Cuisine Dine Option One Must Visit!

When the Parsi community immigrated to India, particularly in Gujarat and Mumbai, they infused their Iranian cuisine with Goan, Portuguese, and British influences.

Visit one of the Parsi restaurants in Mumbai, some of which date back to 1904, to sample their genuine flavors. Choose from one of the top five Parsi restaurants in Mumbai, each with exceptional culinary skills.

Gallops – Every year, the Mumbai eatery Gallops offers a unique Navroz meal. Their menu combines traditional flavors with cutting-edge flair. If you’re a new visitor, make sure to sample some of their conventional Parsi dishes, including Lovji Na Lagan Nu Custard, Kolmi Ni Curry, Salli Boti, and Akuri, as well as sweets like Udvada Nu Sancha Nu Mango Icecream and Akuri. The restaurant also has stunning racetrack views and a vast green grass expanse.

Bawa Zest by Cheron – Bawa Zest by Cheron, a restaurant in Bandra West, is well-known for its mouthwatering tarts. Their rich tarts, which come in two flavors—lemon and chocolate—will leave you wanting more. They also provide mouthwatering mutton dhansak, chicken farcha, akuri, and other delicious Parsi dishes. They also have several must-have quick eats, including chicken salli buns, chicken tikka croissants, and chicken sorpotel puffs.

Britannia & Co – Britannia & Co in Ballard Estate, one of Mumbai’s first Parsi eateries, opened its doors in 1923. The restaurant has a prestigious history and is well-known for its traditional Indo-Iranian specialty, Beri Pulao. They also have fried boomla (Bombay duck), a must-have.

Kyani & Co – The old seats and checkered tablecloths will transport you back in time. The Iranian flavors of Kyani & Co, founded in 1904, have endured the test of time admirably. Visit this Mumbai restaurant for a quick breakfast of Irani kebabs, chicken cheese bhurji, or kheema pav, and wash it with a fantastic raspberry drink.

Cafe Military – Cafe Military is a traditional Parsi restaurant tucked away in the busy alleys of Fort’s business sector. The setting, which includes glass-top tables and antique bentwood chairs, will enhance your eating experience. Kheema pav, chicken dhansak, and caramel custard are just a few of the delectables served at the cafe.

This article was drafted by Sai Choudhari and shared with Prittle Prattle News exclusively.
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