Combining These Foods with Morning Tea Should Be Avoided by Chai Lovers

A cup of tea warms you like a warm embrace with every drink, whether in the morning, midday, or evening; however, any food to accompany your tea time is like the icing on the cake. Even if we like our morning cup of tea, it isn’t essential unless we have a portion of food to accompany it. But did you know that mixing some foods with tea might reduce the number of nutrients they provide? Here’s a list of foods to stay away from when enjoying your cup of tea:

Food that is served cold
When cold food is combined with hot tea, the digestive process might be disrupted. Eating foods of different temperatures simultaneously might damage your digestive system and perhaps make you feel nauseated. You must wait at most smallish 30 minutes after drinking hot tea before eating anything cold.

Green vegetables
We’ve all heard that green vegetables are high in iron and should regularly be included in our diet. However, when green vegetables are coupled with hot tea, a few chemicals called tannins and oxalates in the tea can limit iron absorption in the body.

flour in grams
While we all like Pakodas with hot ginger tea during the rainy season, this combination can have serious health consequences. When visitors arrive at our door, we serve onion cakes with tea, but this delectable combination might induce digestive problems, resulting in constipation and acidity.

Because the chemical components included in your hot beverage and turmeric can severely injure the digestive system and induce acid reflux. You should avoid eating foods with a high turmeric content with tea. Poha, one of the most popular breakfasts, contains a significant amount of turmeric and is frequently eaten for breakfast.

While lemon tea is a popular beverage among fitness buffs, mixing tea leaves with this citrus fruit can result in a highly acidic drink that might induce bloating.
The authored article is written by Sejal Wakkar and shared with Prittle Prattle News  exclusively.
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