JOI has recently launched its Probiotic Coorg Elaichi Lassi

JOI, In Kolkata and Greater Kolkata, it is well-known for its luxury dairy products such as A2 Milk, Probiotic Lassi, and Yogurt.

The JIS Group’s JOI Farm introduces a new flavour of Coorg Elaichi Lassi. This flavour was just introduced by the firm on the occasion of Durga Puja in West Bengal.

The flavour is taken organically from newly harvested fields in Coorg, Kerala. This is an exotic species of cardamom known locally as “Malay Yalakki,” and it is farmed on over 11,000 hectares of land by a large number of tiny and marginal farmers.

These tiny green capsules do much more than just give a delicious flavour to the lassi. It offers numerous important health advantages and therapeutic properties that are beneficial to the human body:

  • Cardamom’s Antioxidant and Diuretic properties help people with high blood pressure and may lower it.
  • It can help cure digestive problems, including ulcers and other issues.
  • Cardamom has been used for centuries to relieve bad breath and enhance dental health. According to one study, eating cardamom can aid in the fight against bacteria that cause dental cavities.
  • These are just some of the benefits of cardamom, from several other benefits. Cardamom has proved safe for all and is one of the most versatile spices used in the Indian household.

JOI now offers two flavours of Lassi: plain Lassi and litchi Lassi. This Durga Puja, the Coorg Elaichi is the third flavour introduced.

JOI now offers two flavours of Lassi: plain Lassi and litchi Lassi. During Durga Puja, the third flavour is Coorg Elaichi.

Because Durga Puja is all about eating wonderful food and beverages while pandal hopping and celebrating, JOI Farms has designed a tasty and healthy partner for you to gorge on during this festival! The Coorg Elaichi Lassi is the perfect beverage this year for adding a rich and spicy touch to your Puja festivities!

It is distinctive because it is a Probiotic Lassi created with the proprietary BB12 from the Danish bioscience company Chr- Hansen probiotic, which is beneficial for gut cleansing and digesting.

To date, it is the only probiotic lassi accessible on the Eastern market. It has only 8 grammes of sugar per 100 grammes, making it a healthy choice for consumers.

The cardamom flavour is produced naturally from actual spices rather than artificial flavours. With no extra preservatives, chemicals, antibiotics, or additives, the goods’ quality is unaffected and speaks for itself.

“On this important occasion of Durga Puja, we at JOI Farm have launched a new taste of lassi for our consumers – the Coorg Elaichi Lassi, wishing all customers a Happy Durga Puja. In the thick of the celebration, it is easy to forget about one’s health and focus on junk food and beverages, so we present a healthier and tastier option to keep the celebrations going!”

says Mr. Anmol Singh Narula

This article was shared with Prittle Prattle News as a Press Release.

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