Discover Authentic Home Cooked Food at Hyatt

Hyatt Regency Chennai brings to you the experience of hearty and flavorsome food by talented Home Chefs!

When you’re away from home, the one thing you miss the most is home-cooked food, and one will do anything to get a taste of authentic recipes! This is where Hyatt Regency Chennai saw an opportunity to create a network of the most talented Home Chefs by providing them a platform to enthrall the city with their culinary skills with a “Ghar ka Khana” twist, in collaboration with Yogita Uchil, who is a food evangelist and a travel influencer.

Guests will get to savor cuisines from different parts of India under one roof, which will showcase food by 5 of our Home Chefs dishing out their authentic signature dishes from Gujarat, Rajasthan, Coorg, South India, and Bengal.

“Food connects people universally, and Indian cuisine, as we know, has a wide variety and authentic taste that come from the kitchens of home chefs. Thus Ghar ka Khana will showcase unique recipes as we import the kitchens of these home chefs to Hyatt. We have collaborated with these ladies from diverse backgrounds and love cooking for people.

Chef Deva Kumar, Executive Chef at Hyatt Regency Chennai.

Additionally, it will also be a learning experience for our chefs who will get to witness how authentic recipes are made from South India, Gujarat, Bengal, Coorg, and Rajasthan.” says Chef Deva Kumar, Executive Chef at Hyatt Regency Chennai.

Hyatt Regency Chennai is looking forward to welcoming all these amazing home chefs who will showcase authentic traditional vegetarian delicacies like Ringan, Batata, Vatana nu Shaak, Pyaj ki kachori, and Kaad Mange curry and non-vegetarian delicacies like Machher Chop, Yerchi curry, Dimer Devil to name a few. Catch these Home Chefs live in action at our Ghar ka Khana powered by the Big Binge Buffet at Spice Haat.
Parul Bhatt (Gujarati) – 16th August, 24th August & 7th September

Kavitha Bothra (Rajasthani) – 17th August, 30th August & 8th September. Smitha Kuttayya Boppanda (Coorg) – 18th & 31st August

Shyamala Raghu (South Indian)- 23rd August & 6th September
Joyadrita Ragavendran Chatterjee (Bengali) – 25th August & 1st September
Date: 16th August to 8th September 2022 every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday Time: 7 pm onwards.
Dinner Rate: 1999/- plus taxes (per person)

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