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Capresso Cafe Select Professional Espresso & Cappuccino Machine Upgrades the Home Office Experience

Capresso Café Select is ideal for the home office, or wherever coffee is enjoyed. 

MONTVALE, N.J., Feb. 12, 2021 – Find out with the Capresso Café Select Professional Espresso & Cappuccino Machine, an easy-to-use model that creates a coffee bar experience for the home office.

Would a perfectly brewed vanilla latte add inspiration to the work day? The product is trending because of increased demand from people who want to up their game from coffee to espresso, cappuccino and more – and from those who used to get their brew at a coffee shop or workplace, and are now more home-based.

The Café Select comes with a suite of features that make it a pleasure to brew coffee specialties, including an advanced pump boiler heating system, commercial-style power frother, and large cup warming compartment.

The advanced boiler maintains a reservoir of hot water at the perfect brewing temperature, for faster and more consistent results. This state-of-the-art boiler offers increased brewing pressure and temperature stability.
A 15-bar pump provides optimal pressure for rich crema, the thin layer of foam that is the mark of a perfectly brewed espresso. The double spout espresso filter is convenient and easy to use, even for beginners. It can quickly create an optimal brew, producing one or two espressos at a time.

The commercial-style power frother creates perfectly foamed or steamed milk for delicious cappuccinos and lattes. A large cup warming compartment keeps cups at the ideal temperature, so you brew into pre-heated cups that will keep your beverage hotter longer.

Heavy-duty die-cast stainless steel construction adds durability and visual appeal. It features indicator lights for On/Off and Steam. The 42-oz. removable water tank adds convenience. A coffee scoop/tamper is included.

The Capresso Café Select is ideal for the home office, or wherever coffee is enjoyed.

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