Café treat, pride plaza hotel Ahmedabad celebrates Sharadiya Mahabhoj

Celebrate the festive spirit of Durga Puja with traditional Bengali delicacies!

Durga Puja is all about friends, family, fun, music, rituals, and good food. Durga Puja is here, and Café Treat, Pride Plaza Ahmedabad, is all set to celebrate the fiesta of happiness and zeal.

The five-day Shardiya Mahabhoj festival, held from 1st October 2022, will bring out the best gastronomy delights showcasing Bengali food & culture.

Café Treat will adorn various kinds of hanging props with traditional Bengali themes while Dhak Baja Kashor Baja music will be played in the background. The staff will be dressed in Baluchari Sarees, Kurta, and Dhoti.

Every Bengali occasion or festival is followed with a majestic meal, and Durga Puja is no exception.

Chef Sabyasachi Nag has curated a special menu to accommodate vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes representing Bengali cuisine.

These include Prawn chop, Bhaja Moong Dal, Posto Narkel Bora, Bhetki Macher Paturi, Katla Macher, Kalia Basonti Pulao, Baked Mihidana, and much more. The refreshing drinks include Yogurt sharbat, Sugar candy juice, and Jal jeera.

Celebrate the festive spirit of Durga Puja with traditional Bengali delicacies!

The best part of Bengali festivities boasts extensive food options from sweet to spicy, veg to non-veg, simple to exotic, and authentic to fusion.

The Chef has attempted to filter some of the best and all-time favorite dishes which will be loved by people of all ages and curated a list of top 10 must-have food items this Durga Puja.

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