Barbeque nation at Sayaji hotel Kolhapur hosts ‘ANDAZ – E – LUCKNOW’ food festival

Barbeque Nation at Sayaji Hotel Kolhapur is hosting the ‘Andaz – E – Lucknow’ food festival starting from June 17th, 2022.

The 10-days food festival will showcase popular cuisines from the land of the nawabs with rich aromatic flavours and a myriad of mouthwatering cuisines. Treat your taste buds to an extravagant spread of delicacies across Vegetarian, Non-Vegetarian, and equally delicious desserts that are unique in their taste, inspired by the rich heritage of the Nawabi kitchen.

Andaz – E – Lucknow will feature an exhaustive choice of dishes including Zaffrani Murgh Tikka, Lal Mirch ka Bhuna Chooza, Nawabi Galouti Kebab among others. Traditional Lucknowi cuisine employs the use of unique ingredients, dry fruits and exotic spices to give a distinct flavor to the dish.

Barbeque Nation encapsulates the essence of Lucknow’s theme which is complemented by its traditional décor, soulful music, and royal ambiance. Curated by the Executive Chef, Andaz – E – Lucknow takes you on a culinary journey that dates back to the 18th century and discover the flavor that once enticed the Nawabs.

Barbeque nation stands as one of the major barbeque restaurants across the country. A leading casual dining chain in India, Barbeque Nation pioneered the concept of “over the table barbeque” live grills embedded in dining tables – allowing guests to grill their own barbecues right at their tables.

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