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Ayushakti’s Swadshakti restaurant hosts a month long Thali Festival in 2022

The Thali Festival 2021 will be conducted from 15th December 2021 -15th January, 2022

by Prittle Prattle Team
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Mumbai, 20th December, 2021: Ayushakti, one of the leading and most trusted ayurvedic health centers around the world is hosting a Thali festival at their Swadshakti restaurant from 15th December 2021 to 15th January 2022.

The annual Thali festival 2021-22, which is taking place only at their Malad outlet in Mumbai, will offer the walk-in customers a wholesome flavourful Thali of delicious delicacies enriched with healthy and nutritious benefits accompanied with fresh siders. Each Thali is priced at a nominal amount of Rs. 280.

This Ayurveda center, known for providing holistic treatment, looks forward to providing this New Year with healthy, tasty, and Ayurvedic Thali to its consumers.

 The Thali contains a variety of dishes right from three types of Rotika’s including Makkai Masala, Rice and Garlic Mix Grain with three Shak Vargh’s that are Paneer, Mix Vegetable and Protein Subzi, also incorporates Steam Rice, Dal and Special Tikki which are extremely nutritious and tasty.

This Thali will be in vegetarian preparation and will be served with complimentary Masala Moong Papad, Salad, and Energy Curry along with different types of Sweet every day.

About Ayushakti

Ayushakti is one of the leading and most trusted ayurvedic health centers around the world. Co-founded by  Ayurveda expert Dr. Smita Pankaj Naram in 1987, Ayushakti has played an integral role in promoting Ayurveda  across the globe in including Asia, the U.S.A., Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and the UK.
With a mission to create long-lasting transformation in community health Ayushakti has successfully helped  people from 108 countries suffering from Asthma, allergies, Arthritis, Diabetes, Psoriasis, stress & Depression,  Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Back pain, Fibromyalgia, Obesity, Infertility, female health problems, High Blood  Pressure, Skin & Hair Problems, Epilepsy, Autism, IBS, children health problems, and many other chronic health  challenges through their revolutionary medical practices. Today, Ayushakti helps more than 75000 people every  year around the world.
Ayushakti has 29 highly trained expert Ayurvedic doctors (Vaidyas) for its services and a team of 150 western  medical doctors, naturopaths, and chiropractors practicing in the U.S.A., Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and  Russia who also travel across the world for personal health consultations for the clients, conducting workshops  and training courses on Pulse reading and Ayurveda.

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