ABD launches two innovative, Srishti with Curcumin and Sterling Reserve B7 Whisky Cola

Sterling Reserve B7 Whisky Cola Mix is the award-winning whisky.

ABD launches. Srishti Premium Whisky is a disruptive innovation with the infusion of Curcumin, the active ingredient of turmeric. Sterling Reserve Whisky Cola product is the choice of young adults with the infusion of cola.

Allied Blenders and Distillers (ABD) Ltd., India’s largest domestic Spirits company, fired consumer imagination with the launch of two new whiskies with a twistSrishti Premium Whisky and Sterling Reserve B7 Whisky Cola Mix.

Srishti Premium Whisky is a blend of rare Scotch Malts paired with fine Indian grain spirits, and its unique expression is rounded off with Curcumin. Intriguingly, the infusion has no change in the sensory; that is, in taste, aroma, or color.

Research across categories shows that Curcumin has anti-inflammatory properties and the ability to increase and gain antioxidants that the body produces. However, the company does not make any claim about this with the product.

Sterling Reserve B7 Whisky Cola Mix is the award-winning whisky blend infused with cola to add a zing to every drinking occasion. The whisky cola mix retains the whisky color in the bottle, in a glass with water, soda, or when consumed as a shot.

Speaking on occasion, Shekhar Ramamurthy, Executive Deputy Chairman, said, “At ABD, we are living our core value of ‘Think Differently.’Srishti and Sterling Reserve B7 Whisky Cola are testaments to the disruptive revolution mindset we nurture and thrive on. The products are rooted in consumer insight and are first of their kind in the Indian market.”

Talking about the launch, Bikram Basu-Chief Strategy, Marketing, and Business Development Officer, said, “Srishti is truly disruptive. From its infusion with Curcumin, the product’s naming, to its launch in the Metaversetoday before its market launch.

Srishti has been in the making for a few years and gives consumers a great whisky with an interesting natural ingredient. Sterling Reserve B7 Whisky Cola is aimed at young adults who prefer whisky with a flavor, and coca cola is a global brand winner”.

Commenting on the launch, Arun Barik, Executive Director, ABD, said, “Crafting these new products has involved the experience of a blender and the use of technology, years of research, and most importantly, loads of passion of the teams involved. We relished the challenge of delivering these first-of-their-kind products and am confident that consumers will love them too.”

Speaking on the launch of Srishti, Sohini Pani, Founder and Managing Director – of River, said, “We took inspiration from nature for crafting the brand packaging, visual identity, and communication idea for Srishti. This brand is a celebration of nature and authenticity. Srishti will appeal to those who believe in products that are made of good.”
In continuing with its trend of offering unique experiences to consumers, Srishti Premium Blended Whisky was first launched in the Metaverse at the ‘ABD MetaBar’ will be subsequently found in key markets soon. Sterling Reserve B7 Whisky Cola has been recently launched in Assam and will extend nationally this season. Both the brands are available in three pack sizes, i.e., 750 ml, 350 ml, and 180 ml.
About ABD:
Allied Blenders and Distillers (ABD) is the largest Indian-owned spirits company and the 3rd largest IMFL company in the country. Its flagship brand, Officer’s Choice, is one of the highest-selling whiskies in the world in terms of volume and is one of the largest spirits brands exported out of India. Sterling Reserve Whisky, a premium offering, has met with record-beating success. 

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