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Types of Brandy: All You Require To Know

Types of Brandy: All You Require To Know

The several main types of brandy alcohol can be located around the world. Of course, many nations will also have local variants of their brandies, so we’re not pretending that this is an exhaustive list.

French Brandy

France is a big country. OK, maybe not when connected to the US, Canada, or Russia. But by European models, there’s a lot of landmasses. The French characters are staunchly proud—not only of their nation but also of their distinct regions. Each area of France has its micro-climate and individual differences in the content of the clay. Over the centuries, this has led to some different types of drinks being provided.

Cognac Brandy

The stand-out most popular brandy globally, Cognac, can only be performed from grapes grown in the 79,000 hectare AOC region of South West France. But it’s not just that, as to legally carry the signature of Cognac, the brandy must have done distilled twice in copper pot stills and have experienced a production method that adheres to strict rules.

Armagnac Brandy

Armagnac is also a grape brandy from southwest France but a bit further south, stretching into the foothills of the Pyrenees Mountains. Armagnac is also a grape brandy and has AOC status, much the same as Cognac. This brandy also uses duplicate age accounts as Cognac, VS, VSOP, XO, and Hors d’Age. One significant distinction between Armagnac and Cognac is that Armagnac only undergoes a single distillation rule.


Heading further north to the area of Normandy, one can find an apple spirit called Calvados. This is a moderately damp region of the world, and this provides the perfect location to grow small, strongly flavored apples used to produce the liquor. Calvados can be either folded or single distilled and are matured in oak barrels. It’s possibly not surprising if you’ve never tried this, as it has a much smaller reach than Cognac or even Armagnac.

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