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Catskill Animal Sanctuary Launches ‘Herd Around the Barn,’ a Podcast Urging Plant-Based Living for Animals, People, and the Planet

SAUGERTIES, N.Y., May 26, 2021  — Catskill Animal Sanctuary, (CAS), one of the world’s leading farmed animal sanctuaries celebrating its 20th Anniversary this year, announced today the launch of Herd Around the Barn, a new podcast debuting on May 26 that will air Wednesdays on Spotify, Apple and Stitcher. 

The podcast transports audiences onto sanctuary grounds to introduce the animals, share harrowing rescue stories and life-changing transformations, and deepens listener awareness of the powerful impact that adopting plant-based living has on the world. 

Hosted by Kathy Stevens, author, speaker and founder of CAS, Herd Around the Barn unpacks three main reasons to go vegan: minimizing animal suffering, improving our personal health, and reducing our environmental impact. The podcast intersperses conversations with game- changing thought leaders, activists, plant-based chefs and others with intimate animal moments.

As Stevens explains, “Herd Around the Barn helps people understand that veganism is the largest gesture we can make in support of a healthier planet and all who share it. We have the power to change the world everytime we sit down to eat!” 

About Kathy Stevens: Kathy Stevens founded Catskill Animal Sanctuary in 2001 to combine her passion for teaching, her belief that education has the power to transform, and her love of animals. CAS, one of the world’s leading farmed animal sanctuaries, has saved thousands of animals through direct rescue, and exponentially more through programming that supports humanity in its journey to plant-based living. Kathy is th author of Where the Blind Horse Sings and Animal Camp, two acclaimed books about the work of the Sanctuary.
A former Huffington Post blogger, she has contributed to numerous books, podcasts, and articles on animal sentience, animal rights, and veganism. She takes her message of kindness to all beings to conferences and colleges in the U.S. and Canada.

About Catskill Animal Sanctuary:

Celebrating 20 years of life-changing rescue and education this year, Catskill Animal Sanctuary is a non-profit, 150-acre refuge in New York’s Hudson Valley. It is home to eleven species of rescued farm animals, with between 275 and 400 residents at any given time. In addition to direct animal aid, the Sanctuary offers on-site tours, vegan cooking lessons, and educational programs that advocate veganism as the very best way to end animal suffering, improve human health, and heal an ailing planet. Catskill Animal Sanctuary is the only U.S. farmed animal sanctuary with the highest accreditation from the Better Business Bureau, Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries, Charity Navigator, and GuideStar.

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Catskill Animal Sanctuary Launches 'Herd Around the Barn,' a Podcast Urging Plant-Based Living for Animals, People, and the Planet

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