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IOB observes Vigilance Awareness Week 2021

Chennai, 26.10.2021: Indian Overseas Bank observes Vigilance Awareness Week from today (26.10.2021) to 01.11.2021. In line with the theme of Vigilance Awareness Week – Independent India @ 75: Self- Reliance with Integrity, Smt. S Srimathy, Executive Director, Indian Overseas Bank, Shri Bhuwan Chandra, General Manager, Chief Financial Officer as well as the Senior Management of IOB took a pledge on ensuring transparency, ethics, achieving self-reliance with integrity and eradicating corruption. 

The messages from The Central Vigilance Commissioner, Indian President, Vice-president and Prime Minister were read by Smt. Uma Maheshwari, General Manager General Administration, Shri. R Suresh, General Manager, Risk Manageent, Shri. Ankada Ratna Patro B, General Manager, Stressed Asset Management Department and Shri Subhendu Kumar Verma, General Manager, Retail respectively. 

The session concluded with announcing winners of a unique Vigilance Awareness Week themed Rangoli competition. Balloons were also symbolically released to the sky as a token of letting go of corruption in the presence of Chief Vigilance officer, Shri. Sudhakar R Iyer and other dignitaries.

About Indian Overseas Bank

Founded on February 10, 1937 by M. Ct. M. Chidambaram Chettyar with the twin objectives of specialising in foreign exchange business and overseas banking, Indian Overseas Bank (IOB) has ever since created various milestones in Indian Banking Sector.

IOB is today a leading public sector bank headquartered in Chennai (India). The bank has the distinction of simultaneously commencing operations in three branches at Karaikudi, Chennai and Yangon (Myanmar). Since the bank aimed to encourage overseas banking and foreign exchange operations, it soon opened its branches in Penang and Singapore. Today, Indian Overseas Bank covers a vast domain in the banking sector with over 3216 domestic branches, 3223 ATMs and 4 overseas branches.
IOB is now aggressively focussing on ‘Digital Banking’, with a view to doing away with all the paperwork like cheques, pay-in slips, demand drafts and so on, through its robust digital platform. Through Digital Banking, IOB wants to give its customers the luxury of freely accessing and performing all traditional banking activities 24×7 without having to personally go to a bank branch to get one’s work done. Digital Banking with IOB is possible through a laptop, tablet or one’s mobile phone. Over the last few years, Digital Banking has drastically changed the way IOB and its customers interact with each other. More and more IOB customers are today being connected to its Digital Banking platform with each passing day.

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