Angel One announced financial results for the quarter ended on 31st December 2021

The Board of Directors have recommended third interim dividend of Rs. 7.0/- per equity share of Rs. 10/- each, equivalent to

Mumbai: 19th January 2022: Commenting on Angel One’s performance, Mr. Dinesh Thakkar, Chairman MD said, “Angel is one of the pioneers and has played a pivotal role in broadening India’s equity culture. Today, Angel has become one of the most formidable digital players, growing at a rapid pace. Our digital acquisition and activation engines continue to fuel our growth.

Our digital first strategy has ensured scalability with reduced payback, thus building greater resilience and predictability into the business. We focus on continuously evolving our business model to stay ahead of the curve while augmenting our technological capabilities to introduce best in class features, with the aim to consistently improve client experience.
In line with our dividend policy, the Board of Directors have declared a 3rd interim dividend amounting to 35% payout.”

Angel One Commenting on the performance, Mr. Narayan Gangadhar, Chief Executive Officer said, “Q3 FY2022 has been a historic quarter for us, as we continued to create new milestones, both operationally and financially. We have focused on increasing reliability and optimization of journeys, which has enhanced business metrics.

On the data science Angel One side, we have undertaken initiatives that have led to improved client acquisition and activation by developing new machine learning based models. Improved KYC and in-app journeys have eased client onboarding and navigation. Angel has pioneered the real-time process of identifying bank account details during the onboarding, by using a mobile number, an industry first initiative.

Our rigorous focus of scaling up client experience has yielded positive results, as we see improved net promoter score, Google Playstore rating, better lead conversion, higher active client ratio, to list a few. Our Super-App is in the development phase. As a precursor to that, our fresh iOS and Android app, which is currently in the beta phase, is expected to be launched, over the next few months.

I firmly believe that our razor-sharp focus on technology, will eventually facilitate us to attain our long-term goal of market leadership.”

Client Additions

Company witnessed strong gross addition in client base by 1.34 mn clients in Q3 ’22 as compared to 1.28 mn clients in Q2 ’22
  • Consolidated Total Income
  • ₹ 6,071 mn in Q3 ’22 vs ₹ 5,382 mn in Q2 ’22, a growth of 12.8% QoQ basis
  • ₹16,197 mn in 9M ’22 vs ₹ 8,801 mn in 9M ’21, a growth of 84.0% YoY basis
  • Consolidated EBDAT
  • ₹ 2,256 mn in Q3 ’22 vs ₹ 1,839 mn in Q2 ’22, a growth of 22.7% QoQ basis
  • EBDAT Margin (as % of Net Income) increased to 50.7% in Q3 ‘22 ₹ 5,758 mn in 9M ’22 vs ₹ 2,832 mn in 9M ’21, a growth of 103.3% YoY basis
  • Consolidated Profit After Tax From Continuing Operations
  • ₹ 1,646 mn in Q3 ’22 vs ₹ 1,343 mn in Q2 ’22, a growth of 22.6% QoQ basis
    ₹ 4,203 mn in 9M ’22 vs ₹ 1,961 mn in 9M ’21, a growth of 114.3% YoY basis
The Board of Directors have recommended third interim dividend of Rs. 7.0/- per equity share of Rs. 10/- each, equivalent to

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