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On Earth Day, a social enterprise prepares to plant 7 million saplings during the pandemic.

Grow Trees
Grow Trees

The initiative inspired by this year’s theme, ‘Restore Our Earth.’

Every year on April 22, Earth Day celebrated to refocus our collective attention to environmental issues. This year’s theme, ‘Restore Our Earth,’ underscores the need to repair and harmonize our relationship with the planet.

That this is not possible without synergy is a given, and that is why environmental. It is initiative Grow-Trees.com engages with individuals, local communities, and corporates to increase green cover and plant millions of trees. Over 8.7 million trees, to be exact, have been produced so far.

Vikrant Tiwary, the CEO of Grow-Trees.com, says, “We cannot flip a switch overnight and change the world. It will take a lot of sustained effort to restore forests, protect biodiversity, wildlife habitats and replenish natural resources. This year’s theme is ‘Restore Our Earth. It reminds us that not just humanity but the earth is reeling from the negative impact of the pandemic.

That is why we have set ourselves to plant the 7 million saplings that are now in our nurseries across the country.

We are waiting for the monsoon season to begin our plantation drive and will continue to work towards improving environmental markers.” 

Vikrant says planting trees is the simplest and the most inexpensive way of doing our bit for the environment because an extensive plantation drive. It help sustain wildlife, improve water table levels and give employment opportunities to local communities.

Says Vikrant, “By using our eTreeCertificates┬« for gifting, so many individuals and corporate entities have helped us plant trees near Sariska Tiger Reserve, Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary, and various other national sanctuaries and reserve forests. In 2020 alone, we worked across 24 states to carry out plantation drives.

In cities like Mumbai and Delhi, where pollution has undeniably affected the quality of life, we have also initiated tree plantation drives to improve air quality and create carbon sinks.

We can no longer live in denial of climate change. This is the time to counter it with everything we have got. At Grow-Trees.com, we are doing exactly that, but we need more people to be a part of this movement. Every tree you plant is a message of hope that the earth needs to hear.”

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When is the Earth Day celebrated ?

Every year on April 22, Earth Day is celebrated.

Who is the CEO of Grow-Trees.com ?

Vikrant Tiwary is the CEO of Grow-Trees.com.

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