Vibha Narshana – A woman Entrepreneur with the right attitude.

No person should feel lonely and should have at least one friend to chill with.”

This is what one of the Leading Women Entrepreneurs of our country Vibha M Narshana believes in.

Vibha Narshana is not a new name to the party and travel freaks and has many big clients in her kitty such as Archana Kochar, Vaishnavi Macdonald, MIT College, Pune, Ijma associations, etc.

Recently Vibha has been awarded by Superwoman Award organized by the Superwoman community, by KirranGolani for her par excellence services in the field of Travel.

The Award has been handed over by celebrity fashion designer Archana Kochhar and prominent Indian Politician Dr. Bharti Lavekar.

In such a competitive world where everyone wants to steal each other’s opportunity, Vibha believes in sharing and working together.

In her words “Solitaire events are specialized in events like BTL promotions, Mall promotion, Club events, Public relations, and related activity, we believe in bringing the ideas of clients to convert into reality.

Solitaire events have organized more than 1000 events and weddings and community platform call PARTRA. 

More than 60000 people have joined PARTRA social group, where Vibha and her team keep organizing events that bring people together and live the moment.

This Social Platform allows you to meet new people, make a new connection and socialize with your kind of people.

In the field of Tourism and Travel, a company needs to understand the needs of their client, and Vibha has done mastery this.

She not only understands the client’s requirement but also make them feel homely and gives the best during their tour.

With a motto of taking PARTRA globally, Vibha is currently working with around 600 freelancers, who are associated with PARTRA in many other ways.

Being a lively person herself, she believes that loneliness should not be a part of anybody’s life.

With this thought, she created PARTRA, where now people come of varying backgrounds, who like to make friends, eat, drink, travel together, and everything is organized by PARTRA.

Being a Woman Entrepreneur must have difficult for you?

“Difficulties are everywhere, but loving your job makes youperform effectively, and I love the kind of work I am doing.” She answered with ease.

After asking her What makes Solitaire or PARTRAdifferent from others, she said “You may go to any company, and everyone is doing a great job, but what we provide is a personal add-on to each event. Which you can witness only after hiring us (with a big laugh she said & to Prittle Prattle News )”

With her creative mind and focused actions, we are sure that one-day PARTRA will be amongst the topmost travel providers in the world.

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