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Poonam and Nitin Gupta Meets COVID times entrepreneurs redefining wedding experience in 2021

by PrittlePrattleNews
Meet COVID times entrepreneurs redefining wedding experience

Couple Turned Entrepreneur Who Has Built their Own event management company on first mensiversary

Serial entrepreneurs Nitin hope to bring eco-friendly event fabrication to Tier -2 & 3 cities through The High on Life platform.

30th May, 2021

Poonam and Nitin Gupta have not just been Couples married during COVID times, but have also been tech savvy consumers. They have an experience in managing several events from college days to their professional life, where they did not find much room for tech savvy innovation as a couple they created synergy effect as Poonam is engineering graduate in Computer Science and Nitin is Assistant Professor in the field of Entertainment and Media studies. 

Poonam tells Her Story when they interacted with family and friends, starting a business involving them felt imminent in the last 30 days. This paved the way to launch the startup on the day of their first mensiversary namelyThe High on Life Events.

It is an online event fabrication to book cinematic, candid and traditional photographers, Choreographer, Digital security enabled cards, Banquet hall ratings and vendors mapping where you have an option to customize your wedding needs.

“We wanted to create an enterprise that is not just profit-driven but purpose-driven, and started The High On Life events today i.e. our first mensiversary purely due to two reasons: technology inclusion in Tier-2 & 3 cities and transparency in vendor and client relation, and the high on life learning of our own wedding” Nitin says. 

“It was also a moment of self realisation when our engagement scheduled on 22nd April, 2021 postponed and interestingly turned into marriage on 30th April 2021.  It was the time when we had to manage the thing in the short span of 7 days but we did it so well as people mentioned in their testimonials. The most interesting part was to cutshort the 600 people list to 50, we applied a rational mindset and scientifically resolved the issues,” Nitin adds.
Through The High on Life events, the couple entrepreneurs hope to redefine wedding experience with the help of technology inclusion, including a range of services ancillary and incidental to wedding essentials and this concept boost the local vendors competency and push the innovation in tier-2 & 3 cities while ensuring transparency and pocket of consumer and labor charges of service providers.
Here’s the link of the Digitalised invitation card designed by Poonam Gupta for the engagement. – https://bit.ly/2Tkr2Yc

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By Ankita Sharma

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