Planet Organic India : Ms. Shubhlakshmi Tiwari is the Co-founder and Director of this firm

Ms. Shubhlakshmi Tiwari Co-founder and Director, Planet Organic India (a Delhi based organic food start-up), is a daughter of a farmer and understands the need of sustainable farming practices in India.

She wants to help farmers understand the benefits of organic farming and is also extremely attached to the cause of upliftment of women, especially the women in the rural India. Hence, she started her work at Planet Organic India with the wish to bring women farmers to the forefront of the organic agriculture sector.

Ms. Shubhlakshmi hails from a small town near Varanasi and had always been an artistic person. She is a wonderful Kathak dancer and is also skilled in various arts ranging from Marble to Tanjore art. So, it is not a surprise that she is an arts graduate. Yet she found her calling in agriculture. As a child, she used to help her father in the fields and learnt the fundamentals of farming by practically putting her hands in mud and straw. This hands-on experience left deep impact on her. Growing up she saw how the soil was exploited with overuse of pesticide and chemical fertilizers and wanted to bring a change to such practices. Being an ardent nature lover, she understands the ill effects this can have both on the environment and on one’s health. Thus, her wish of working on betterment of farming practices led her to the founding of Planet Organic India. 

Likewise, Ms. Shubhlakshmi has always wished to help bring about a change in the plight of the women farmers of our country. Hence, she introduced her idea of sustainable and organic farming practices to them. This support to the women farmers has helped them to become registered at Jaivik Bharat and get certified by Organic Agencies. They are now selling their organic products in local market eventually making themselves independent and bringing prosperity to their families.   

Ms. Shubhlakshmi wants more people to understand the benefits of organic foods and how they can reduce the risk of cancer and other neurological diseases by choosing organic products. As a nature enthusiast, she also hopes that people will start understanding the importance of organic farming and its environmental implications. She further hopes to see more organic farming and more women farmers leading this trend in the country so as to make it the norm & was said to Prittle Prattle News via press release.

By Anwesha Nandi

This article was shared to Prittle Prattle News as a Press Release.

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