I am a Woman – an equally privileged Human!!

It’s good to be human – it’s best to be an equally privileged woman in the world  unequally divided between man and woman. An equal right to the earth, the sky,  the air – mirrors an equal right to opportunity, prosperity and liberty.  

Meet Varsha Marathe – a true epitome of women of 21st century. She is the  woman of substance, spirit and success. Varsha is that woman who had and  continues to have the courage to seize the land of opportunities and soar high in  the skies of success with freedom and right to parity and equableness in the  world of entrepreneurship.  

Varsha Marathe, is a creator of Aspire PR and Strategies Pvt. Ltd. She is a  complete woman being a perfect mother of two beautiful children and an  efficient homemaker. Varsha is a well-qualified with MBA in Finance from IME  Pune. Her life’s been full of adventures and challenges, as her life revolves  around her passion, art and skill – that is, Public Relations.  

Aspire is a series of versatile actions – Education and Fashion, Hospitals and  Hospitality, IT and Entertainment, Real Estate and Automobiles, Political Parties  and Celebrities. 

It wasn’t an easy task to savor the success; it wasn’t an easy task to make  Aspire ‘to inspire’. It is the perseverance; diligence and intelligence of Varsha  Marathe that has strengthened the Aspire becomes a champion in the unending  race of efforts and competition, in the grounds of Public Relations  

Public Relations are the art and skill to build and maintain amiable relations  between an organization and its public, through communication. Public relations  call for creating and sustaining a positive image of an organization among its  public. This is a hard-hitting marathon which is accomplished through positive  attitude, effective communication and efficient organization, and Varsha Marathe  falls no short of these qualities.  

Born in Pune in 2004, the 17-year-old Aspire has conquered the territory of its  recognition on the national and international horizons, equally. Varsha – is the  name of that warrior who has fought day and night to make her Aspire stand  against all odds, rise and shine the brightest. Varsha is the Hero in the “male dominating” entrepreneurship world of PR. 

Varsha Marathe aims at making Aspire a brand with global know how and  competence. With her efforts and focus, Aspire PR has been honored with the 

membership of Public Relations Global Network. Public Relations Global Network  is an international organization of Leading independent, owner operated public  relation agencies working together to serve client needs with local knowledge  and global reach.. 

The fortunate has led her with substantial awards such as India Leadership  Award- Indian Achievers Foundation (Delhi Government), Women Entrepreneur Salaam Pune and many more. Numerous Publications have published her article  like, Economic Times, Business for all magazine, Yashashwi Udhyojak and the  list goes on, Also, she has been invited as an expert in PR as a spokesperson to  colleges, for instance- Symbiosis College of Media & Communication, Indira  College of Pune, Ranade Institute Pune, SNDT Women’s University and  International School of Business & Media. Also, she has been to International PR  platforms as an Indian Representative. These are some of the achievements mentioned about her journey till today. She has not stopped herself and she will  achieve more and more and bigger. 

While administrating everything in her life, she also gives prime concern to her  health. She is a cyclist; runner in marathons also does Yoga in the time available. In addition to all this, she has participated in the Roopkund Trek (Mystery Lake)  which is difficult treks for the trekkers. Managing the business is a multi-task  game and staying healthy helps her stay active and progressive all the  time.  

“Indomitable as a lioness”, this is a famous quote by Aharon Appelfeld.  

And Varsha aptly resembles that lioness that is unconquerable, determined and  invincible in the battlefield of Public Relations and Strategies.  

Be it appreciation or rejection, highs and lows, ups and downs, Varsha has  tasted all on the platter of her profession. But failures didn’t stop her, and  success has kept her grounded. 

The endeavors and achievements of Varsha have taken on a new significance of  Gender Equality. 

This woman works shoulder-to-shoulder with her man, her husband – Ameet  Marathe, the co-founder of Aspire, and equally gives neck-to-neck competition  to her male rivals in the nerve-wracking world of PR – Public Relations!! 

Varsha Marathe never compromises with quality. And that is the secret of the  successful, valuable and global journey of herself and Aspire Communications

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