Dr. Meenu Kumar, Director, Cosmo Arts (India) is one of the most vibrant and dynamic personalities in the field of art.

Cosmo Arts (India) – profile 

Cosmo Arts (India) is a treasure trove of Indian Contemporary Art. The Art Gallery showcases a vibrant and diverse collection of Indigenous art. It features a collection of paintings of renowned contemporary and modern artists. Every artwork is an exceptional expression of the adventure of the soul of the artist.

The gallery offers discerning art lovers a rich experience of carefully selected paintings, graphics, and photographs in a diverse range of genres and styles. The works displayed on the site have been chosen purely for their artistic merit. Cosmo Arts offers an unmatched choice in all categories at affordable prices all over India and abroad.

The organization has several verticals that include:

  • Paintings – Acrylic, oil, Pen & Ink on canvas
  • Sculptures
  • Portraits
  • Murals
  • Artistic Scarves & stoles
  • Folk art Panels
  • Creative Jewelry
  • Art installation
  • Photography
  • Artifacts
  • Art inspired furniture


To take art connoisseurs on a journey through the galaxy of Indian and showcase the jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring works of Indian masters and contemporary artists.


To raise awareness about the importance of art and offer a platform to the aspiring artists where they can learn, grow, and, evolve as celebrated artists.

Art Advisory 

  • The Art Advisory focuses its energies on client-centric services, providing bespoke guidance in navigating the art collections. Cosmo Arts believes in building lasting relationships, so they present artworks which not only adorn the walls but become family assets as well.
  • The organization helps in selecting premium creations and also ensures that they’re chosen as per the aspirations and vision of the clients.
  • A holistic approach is taken when considering a piece of art and artist. Various aspects such as space, home decor, architecture, interior designing, budget, color palette, medium, size, and the subject of the painting are taken into account.
  • From the outset, a seamless experience is delivered, where everything from tailored, impartial advice on acquisitions to making arrangements for wall color, textures, and framing, etc is carried out to add dynamism to space.
  • The organization assists art connoisseurs to choose creations that truly define them.
  • The organization guarantees its clients that through their complimentary consultation services, people’s experience of possession of their desired artwork will be a cherished one!

Art for a Cause: How Cosmo Arts (India) is giving back to society?

Cosmo Arts (India) in collaboration with Cos We Care Cultural and Educational Society is dedicated to the cause of developing and nurturing the creative and artistic talents of youth from all sections of society.

They have already groomed numerous budding talents in this field and have helped them become not only financially independent but have also enabled them to earn name and fame in this field.

Various artists who have received international fame are serving as volunteer mentors, and are guiding and nurturing the budding talents. 

Dr. Meenu Kumar – profile

Based out of the national capital of Delhi, Dr. Meenu Kumar, Director, Cosmo Arts (India) is one of the most vibrant and dynamic personalities in the field of art. She possesses a discerning eye for art in different genres and is a well-renowned art curator, artist, social activist & art critic.


Dr. Meenu Kumar holds a doctorate in Multimedia & has authored many books on the subject.

Career Highlights

She is a feminist at heart and her creations reflect upon the need for physical, mental, and emotional freedom & empowerment of women in society. Passionate Pursuit of Visual Poetry, a book that she co-authored with a British writer, Marlyn Rushtin, dwells upon her deep perception of art.

Cosmo Arts India Gallery is a hub for art lovers and artists equally. Works of renowned contemporary artists are the treasure of this gallery, and under her able guidance, young talents also get a platform to feature their works as a socio-creative venture!

Her artistic voyage is a cosmic endeavor to glorify the art of today.

Professional Achievements

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