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Zero Gravity Pictures to produce content for an audience

By Imtiaz barolia

Zero Gravity Pictures (ZGP Motion Pics Pvt Ltd) is a Content development & production company based in Mumbai.

ZGP Motion Pics is into international co-productions, Bollywood feature films and web series & web originals.

ZGP’s Slate of films includes an international co-production ‘The Maharajah’s children’ slated to begin filming as soon as the global travel restrictions ease up a bit. It is being filmed extensively in Eastern Europe & India and has an international cast and crew from the UK. ZGP has hired a top international casting agent from the UK for its international casting. Depending on the current scenario & actors dates, they plan to begin the first schedule by the end of 2020/early ’21. The producers are in negotiations with a significant International streaming platform to come aboard as a release partner as its an English film confirms I .V. Barolia, Founder & Creative Director at ZGP to Prittle Prattle News reporter.

Next up is its Horror suspense outing ‘Rodents'(Hindi) directed by Indian American director Aditya Bhattacharya. It is to be filmed entirely in Calcutta later this year-end, and this produced as Web original for a streaming platform. Simultaneously work is in prep mode for its action thriller ‘Check Point Charlie’- a woman-oriented action film; this is being filmed extensively in Himachal & Serbia. It will be shot in two schedules over 45 days on a war footing for a 2021 release.

ZGP also has a slate of 4 unique web series in advanced stages of development for a well-known streaming platform. It has a strategic content development partnership for a slate of web series cutting across genres.ZGP is also a content aggregator for regional films for steaming platforms and has so far sourced over 35 regional films. & we are exploring more acquisitions.

In an interview with Prittle Prattle NewsA, I .V. Barolia, Founder & Creative Director at fZGP, conveyed that the current pandemic situation calls for redefining content creators to produce content for an audience. It will consume content on its TV sets & Mobile phones for the foreseeable future, which means redefining production budgets, actor fees, and the content itself needs to redefined. Either we change or be swept away by the change, waiting for things to return to the status quo will be wishful thinking. Theaters & theatrical releases are an essential part of the ecosystem of revenues for films, but now both theaters & Streaming platforms will co-exist more closely than ever. The viewer will decide where & how he wants to see the movie and how much he wants to pay for it & both streaming platforms & theaters are likely to have a near-simultaneous release. The remote is firmly in the consumer’s hand. The turn of events empowers him.

Those who want to wait will have a long wait. Adapt to the change.

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