Drugs, Weapons, and Punjab!! Witness all in the World Television Premiere Of Marjaane on Zee Punjabi at 1 pm today

Heads up! Weekend movie blast is back with Zee Punjabi’s World Television Premiere of the Punjabi thriller ‘Marjaney’ at 1 pm which stars Sippy Gill and Prreit Kamal in the leading roles.

The story of the film is written by Amardeep Singh Gill and depicts the painful reality of Punjab where a young boy spoils his life by falling into the mire of drugs and how circumstances further force him to turn into a gangster. The movie tries to show the role of different factions of society in this mess and how they play dirty games in ruining the youth of Punjab.

To know the real truth behind this devastating film, watch today the World Television Premiere of the film ‘Marjane’ only on Zee Punjabi at 1 pm.

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