Zee Café brings Heroes of Café with Blade and Ironman for Marvel Anime Fans

Marvel and Anime are huge cultural influencers and have created an immense impact on Indian audiences. Anime as a genre has emerged big in the recent times and is the topic of conversation in all friends’ groups.

The shows with their lengthy dialogue, the portrayal of emotions and a hint of angst have garnered a lot of love and appreciation and the universe has only expanded since its inception.

As India grows closer to the culture of Anime, Zee Café has introduced a new property, Heroes of Café which will bring Marvel Anime to all the fans. A huge treat to the fans, the channel will telecast its first show, Marvel Anime: Blade starting on Tuesday, 16th of August and Ironman following it from Wednesday, 24th of August at 6pm.

Blade revolves around the story of legendary half-vampire, half-human vampire hunter Blade who is tracking Deacon Frost, a very powerful and influential vampire who killed his mother and who heads Existence, a secretive vampire organization that operates in Southeast Asia.

Ironman tells the tale of how Tony Stark branches his company into Japan and is opposed by the nefarious Zodiac organization. It’s up to Stark’s Iron Man to defeat the Zodiac and defend Japan.

Ride on the Marvel Anime Wave with Blade and Ironman on weekdays at 6pm only on Zee Café

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