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Versatile Trends and Sensational Events at it’s best!

By Walktails

Versatile Trends and Sensational Events at it’s best!

In today’s world, people tend to give equal importance to relaxation as they give to work. To get overwork fever, one looks up to weekends, filled with parties and relaxations. Sachin Bhalerao, the founder of Walktails, exactly considered this while he thought of establishing the firm. In one of his interviews, Sachin says, “I felt a desperate need to introduce the advanced techniques in India after getting acquainted with Bartending knowledge in a foreign land. Walktails is an event management and rest-o-bar consultancy company.”

Having worked in Taj Mahal Palace for over 17 years, Mr. Sachin had always wanted to start his own company. However, he says he got the final kick to do it on his travel to France. While completing his studies, he witnessed the immense opportunity that this field offers and couldn’t stop himself from starting something independently.

Every company faces several challenges during its commencing years, and so did Walktails. However, Mr. Bhalerao says that one of the best ways to overcome these challenges was to remain versatile in approach. By providing beautiful color patterns, spectacular backdrops, and lighting effects, Walktails tend to add life to your party. Trying numerous events have been one of the aims of the firm. Walktails, as an event management company, has served in the public, private, and government sectors. Every company has a rough patch, and Walktails hasn’t been any different from it. One of the best ways to overcome struggles is to set small terms goals and achieve them, said Mr. Sachin in one of his interviews.

Sachin Bhalerao is an outstanding flavor and knowledge of bartending. Having worked with a team of brilliant employees with experience of more than 17 years, Sachin could always desire more, setting up higher goals for Walktails. Mr. Sachin felt the need to channel down his knowledge about bartending, cocktail trends, and bars. Hence, he introduced Walktails Bar Academy and decided to explore the educational field. Doing a bit for society has always been on Bhalerao’s list. Hence, he decided to start with Bar academy, which tends to be a merging platform, giving the much-needed education and coming up with job opportunities.

One of the main things that Walktails has focused on is hospitality. Company employees narrate the stories of how people have praised their generosity, cleanliness skills, different serving and bar techniques over the years, extending the client’s brand loyalty to Walktails. In one of his interviews, Mr. Bhalerao spoke about how particular Walktails is about cleanliness while serving; they understand the client’s need for cleansing and personally believe in spick and span attitude. He also narrates that this is one of the many reasons why his company is well known among people. Walktails is one of the rare firms that merge knowledge with knowledge ensuring job opportunities and well educated.

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