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YouTubers Best of the Best according to Prittle Prattle News

After Instagram and Whatsapp, Youtube is the most used app, and of course, it seems to be true. Vines and videos on youtube are the most used stress busters these days.

By Prittle Prattle News

YouTubers Best of the Best according to Prittle Prattle News

After Instagram and Whatsapp, Youtube is the most used app, and of course, it seems to be true. Vines and videos on youtube are the most used stress busters these days. Watching 5-10 minutes of youtube videos while taking small breaks helps you to start anew. People of different personalities, likes and dislikes, interests, genres find their preferred option on Youtube. Right from different food recipes to funny videos that make you laugh out loud, right from book reviews to tourist spot reviews, and right from DIY art to TED Talks, everything is available on youtube. It is one of the best tools to kill time. The other day, my grandmother asked me how to operate Youtube, and her question made me laugh. But honestly, don’t we all seek different YouTubers with good content? Watching their content makes us feel closer to them, kills time, and helps us with our activities. Hence in this article, we will talk about the top 10 YouTubers who produce mind engrossing content.



Mostlysane is an entertainment channel on youtube started by Prajakta Koli, a 27-year-old girl living in Mumbai. If you are dying to watch something funny, jovial, light, less intensive, you should check Mostly sane’s channel. She focuses on various topics like conversations on needed topics, funny vines depicting different relatable situations, and Vlog of different places. All in all, she aims to bring something light, crispy, and relatable in your life. She also does occasional meet-ups, and talk shows with celebrities, novelists, directors, and other revered personalities, providing an insight into their life.

Youtube Link – Mostlysane



India isn’t very popular when it comes to roasting culture, but Carry minati tries his best to raise India’s roast culture. At times do you feel that a specific movie praised for no reason or maybe an actor has an inferior mindset or perhaps a film is exceptionally extra in its scenes – then you check out carry minati’s channel and find several roast videos there? His videos are usually 8-10 minutes about roasting different people and portraying the reality behind them. Carry Minati is famous for using abusive language in his videos, which have good viewership and, at times, lousy viewership on his videos.

Youtube Link – Carryminati


Bhadipa :

Bhadipa is a popular Marathi channel that handles several things. If you are a Marathi manus dying to see your Maharashtrian habits practiced by other households, this is the channel for you. Bhadipa mainly focuses on funny videos based on different situations of one’s life. However, along with adding a pinch of fun in your life, they also focus on social issues like mental health, rape, women empowerment. Through a channel of their named Vishay Khol, they come up with different topics discussed with youngsters. More than that, they equally cling on travel and tourism. They also upload backpack trip videos to help you plan your trip.

Youtube Link – Bhadipa

Amit Bhadana

Amit Bhadana:

Amit Bhadana is a comedian who is known for his vines and other comedy acts. He usually bases his sets on real-life situations and makes them funnier through occasional exaggeration and occasional relatability. He is also known for his pranks. He often tries to pull random pranks on people making it more unusual for people to watch his channel. If you are looking for something spontaneous, then Amit Bandana’s channel should be your go-to channel.

Youtube Link – Amit Bhadana

Sanam Puri

Sanam Puri :

Sanam Puri is a renowned singer. He merges modernity with traditions by giving a new touch to the old songs. Usually, we connect with the old songs which have brilliant lyrics that speak to our soul, but at the same time, we are so used to the news songs and their rhythm that we end up in a dilemma – whether to listen to old songs or new. Through his channel, Sanam Puri discards our dilemma by fabulously singing old songs with a touch of music.

Youtube Link – Sanam Puri

Sandeep Maheshwari

Sandeep Maheshwari :

Don’t we all search for little philosophies in our life. We loved it when the meaning of life explained to us or a deep, heartfelt conversation with someone. Problems surround our experience, and often we don’t know how to act in a particular situation, what is right or wrong, and how to make a proper decision. Sandeep Maheshwari is a YouTuber who exactly talks about this. He explains simple and basic philosophies to us, indirectly providing solutions upon it. His content mainly focused upon conversations that help humans to grow. There is little time for us to read philosophical texts that impart wisdom in this hectic life, but what if the same knowledge revealed by a video that is not more than 20 minutes? Who wouldn’t enjoy and cherish it?

Youtube Link – Sandeep Maheshwari

Nisha Madhulika

Nisha Madhulika :

Most of us are food lovers, we dream about trying different cuisines at home, and the sight of delicious food makes our mouth water. But, when it comes to making our dishes we are pretty confused about the apt amount of ingredients, how should be the process, is the color of our plate perfect as it should be? Nisha solves these queries and helps us to prepare delicious meals. If you enjoy making dishes as much as enjoying them, then it is a channel for you. She comes up with different cuisines, from essential to miscellaneous items. It is the perfect channel for you to experiment with food.

Youtube Link – Nisha Madhulika



AIB, aka All India Bakchod, is a top-rated channel that runs into hardcore comedy. They make videos related to roast sessions of movies, celebrities, politics. Many comedians attached with AIB also have their channels that entertain people trying different genres of comedy. Honest videos created and posted by AIB helped to gain them the popularity.

Youtube Link – AIB

Technical Guruji

Technical guruji :

Are you a person who is fascinated by technology but has a tough time understanding it? Are you totally in awe of the technological advances and wish to understand them in a better way? Then technical guruji is the best channel you’ve got on your list. Youtube is not just fun, but it also helps you enter an advanced world. Technical guruji helps you with the technology explaining to you the tricks of the products, better ways to use it, and making full use of it. These 10-12 minute videos help you to understand an electronic item in the best way possible.

Youtube Link – Technical guruji

Mumbiker Nikhil

Mumbiker Nikhil :

Nikhil Sharma, known as Mumbiker Nikhil, is a famous moto vlogger and biker. Are you a travel freak that stuck in the office? Or an enthusiast traveler who likes road trips? Or maybe, umm, a biker? If you are anyone of these, then Mumbiker Nikhil is your person. He travels to various places from his bike, ensuring to capture every moment of his travel. He often goes to different places capturing the interior and local life of it. He has also done several collaborative videos with other famous YouTubers like Prajakta Koli, Bhuvan Bam, Ashish Chanchlani.

Youtube Link – Mumbiker Nikhil

If you know any such YouTubers whose content is your Go-to place, who have made a change in your life, then kindly inform Prittle Prattle News!

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