This festive season, gift your family the best home security solutions with Tata Play Secure+

Tata Play secure+ brings the best-in-class solution for a more secure and safe festive season.

The festive season is upon us, and preparations to mark Diwali, Christmas, and New Year’s celebrations are in full swing.

As we are busy with shopping, cleaning, and planning, now can be a good time to upgrade our home security systems and put in place an additional layer of security for you and your loved ones to enjoy your joyous occasion worry-free. Tata Play covers you with its all-new smart home security offering, the Tata Play Secure+.

This system is designed for smart homeowners to have access to an advanced home safety solution.

This system includes the Google Nest Cam with advanced features, including alerts for people, animals, and vehicles, on-device processing, two-way communication using the built-in microphone, speaker, weather resistance, and more.

This home security system makes sure that even when you are not at home, you are always aware of what is happening in your house!

Being battery-powered allows you to place it wherever you want in the house and lets the device continue recording even in case of a power cut. Here are four reasons to buy Tata Play Secure+.

Travel Worry-free:

Festivities require you to stay out late shopping, meet your family and friends and sometimes go on a trip during the holiday season. But there is a constant worry regarding the belongings at home.

Investing in a comprehensive security solution will help you travel worry-free as you can see every corner of your house in just one touch.

The Tata Play secure+ cameras help you survey every corner of the house and keeps you updated on any movements, be in pets, people, vehicles, etc, on a real-time basis.

Safety From Trespassers:

Indian festivities often involve many people visiting the house. It’s challenging to keep up with the security of your premise from trespassers.
It is better to have the safety of security cameras to know who is coming and leaving the house. Solutions that update you in real-time on motion/sound detection, vehicle, and people alerts, etc, and also alert you when a familiar face or pet is detected are important to have a complete sense of security and safety around the house.

Keep an Eye on your Pets:

When you are out and about, you usually want to keep an eye on your pets who are left alone at home. Pets have antics when no one is around, making it even more important to check if the torn pillow was not some burglar but your pet!
A system that alerts you every time there is a pet movement can help you keep a keen eye on your pets, and the two communication can also help you communicate with them in case they need to be calmed down.

Child Safety:

In this day and age, when both parents are working, they tend to leave their kids at home with a nanny. To ensure no homework is being missed in the holiday spirit, the security system’s cameras can help keep an eye out for your children.
Next time you find hidden broccoli in the corner, you know who hid it and where! Child Safety from the outside world also becomes of paramount importance for working parents therefore, having a solution that alerts you every time there is a known/unknown face on the premise goes a long way for the much-needed peace of mind.
Apart from all the above safety measures and assurance that a Tata Play secure+ cameras provide its users, through its smart AI and intelligent processing, it also knows how to distinguish between people, vehicles, and animal’s movements and ensures all known and unknown faces don’t go unnoticed when it comes to having a close-knit, advanced security system.
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