The Google Maps outage has sent netizens into a frenzy, sparking memes

Mapping services were disrupted across the United States, Canada, several portions of Europe, India, and Australia.

People traveling over the weekend worldwide were left in the lurch after the Google Maps service crashed on Friday. However, the outage spawned many memes, with most users surprised that the service was offline.

As users struggled to load maps on their phones, making it impossible to navigate correctly, netizens flocked to Twitter to see if the problem was localized. People from all around the world soon joined in, concluding that their lives depended on the app far more than they had previously imagined.

The outage began late Friday evening, according to Downdetector. Mapping services were disrupted in the United States, Canada, several regions of Europe, India, Australia, and other nations.

While some users reported that the app continued displaying rerouting warnings, others said the maps turned blank, rendering the program inoperable. Many customers were taken aback since they couldn’t remember the last time such a broad outage of mapping services occurred.
Google did not comment on the outage or explain what caused it; nevertheless, the event was noted on the Google Maps platform status dashboard, which said that services had been interrupted. Google declared that the problem had been resolved several hours later. “We can confirm that the technical problem from earlier today has been resolved,” a business spokeswoman told Mashable.
However, the hysteria persisted on Twitter, with “Google Maps” trending globally. There were a lot of jokes about individuals hunting for accurate maps, while others made fun of other service providers, such as Apple Maps, stating that even in this case, they might not want to use it.

The authored article is written by Darshana Joshi and shared with  Prittle Prattle News exclusively.

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