Tencent musician platform introduces service to further promote Chinese music overseas

Tencent Music Entertainment Group (“TME”, or the “Company”) (NYSE: TME), the leading online music and audio entertainment platform in China.

Today announced a new service on the Tencent Musician Platform. To support Chinese musicians with international development. And to enhance global discovery of Chinese music, by assisting with overseas promotion and distribution.

In addition, musicians will have financial incentives. Further, Every quarter, artists will receive income generated from overseas distribution equal to up to 70% of the total. After subtracting the service fee.

To date, Tencent Musician Platform has successfully helped promote more than 150,000 musical works on overseas streaming platforms. Expanding the listener base by 3900%.

Through the partnership with Apple Music established in November 2021, Tencent Musicians such as Liu Shuang, Akini JING, Joysaaaa and SARRA have been promoted to international audiences through Apple Music.

In addition, Hot hits like “Piu Piu Piu” by Pin Yin Shi and “Wild Motor” by Guo Gaoming have won over one million views on Youtube.

Further, TME has always been dedicated to bringing local artists premium resources and international exposure opportunities.

With the ongoing improvement of end-to-end services, the Tencent Musician Platform has become the choice for local indie musicians and it aims to encourage more local artists to present on a broader stage, making their voices heard around the world.
Further, TME will continue to strive as a leading platform with global influence to provide support for local musicians and realize the global value of Chinese music.

About Tencent Music Entertainment

TME’s mission is to use technology to elevate the role of music in people’s lives by enabling them to create, enjoy, share and interact with music.
TME’s platform comprises online music, online audio, online karaoke, music-centric live streaming and online concert services, enabling music fans to discover, listen, sing, watch, perform and socialize around music.
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