Tally Partners with TVF Timeliners’ ‘Baap Beta Aur Office‘ Resonating with Entrepreneurs

The three-episode mini-series stars actor Satish Ray as the son, ‘Atul’ and veteran actor, Rajendra Chawla as the father, ‘Sandeep’.

Tally Solutions, a pioneer in the software products industry has collaborated with TVF Timeliners, a popular content channel by India’s foremost content creators, The Viral Fever (TVF), for a brand-new mini-series named, Baap Beta Aur Office.

The series explores the relationship between a son and his retired father in an office environment, highlighting the power struggle when new generation takes over the decision-making cycle and the role technology plays in bridging the gap, both professionally and personally.

The three-episode mini-series stars actor Satish Ray as the son, ‘Atul’ and veteran actor, Rajendra Chawla as the father, ‘Sandeep’.

It showcases the evolving journey of the duo as the son is thriving to make his business profitable and successful, while the father supports him with his several years of business experience.

It beautifully captures various instances of how Tally has evolved over the years and is still relevant for new-age entrepreneurs assisting them not just in managing their business but scale as well.

“With over three decades of expertise in assisting the SME community, today, Tally is being used by several second-generation business owners. Over the years, our products have evolved to stay relevant to the needs of new-age entrepreneurs and through this collaboration, we are communicating the same in a heart-warming way. TVF is one of the fast-emerging platforms for youth reaching over seven million audiences with refreshing content and in our endeavour towards staying connected to the aspiring entrepreneurs of today they are indeed a great partner.”

Jayati Singh, Chief Marketing Officer, Tally Solutions, said,

“The show is based on the premise of the unending power struggle, of a father and son. This struggle is very relatable and happens across all levels, be it a SME or at an MNC. It’s a new-age story of an ambitious young entrepreneur who is guided by the experienced hand of his father at the workplace and plays on the office dynamics of the two. The show captures the banter between the boss in the office and the boss at home. Their relationship dynamics and TallyPrime itself are instrumental in shaping them at every step of their way, helping them grow to be better managers for their competitive future.”

Vijay Koshy, President, TVF, said,

“As the series is set in an office environment, Tally Solutions was a seamless fit for the story. As a brand, we didn’t have to force anything, which is great! An office drama is so well-knitted with software like Tally that this was best fit for the series”

said Abhay Raut, Director, Baap Beta Aur Office.

About Tally Solutions

Tally Solutions Pvt Ltd is a pioneer in the field of business software products. Tally’s basic yet powerful solutions have been altering the way businesses run since its founding in 1986.

Tally represents unrivalled creativity and leadership, having continually supplied game-changing technology for more than three decades.

It serves over 7 million users across industries in over 100 countries and has over 2 million customer licences activated worldwide.

The brand boasts one of the country’s largest partner ecosystems, with over 28,000 partners directly affiliated with the firm to deliver a seamless and pleasurable consumer experience.

About The Viral Fever

Founded by Arunabh Kumar in 2012, TVF is one of the most popular & critically acclaimed content shop brands in India.

With a decade of content creation, TVF has given this country some spectacular shows including at least seven original shows that have been included in the top 250 shows of the world.
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