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Stand up comedy beyond humor and laughter!

How often do we watch stand up comedy to escape from reality? How many times we have plugged into a video while having a meal.

By Prittle Prattle News

How often do we watch stand up comedy to escape from reality? How many times we have plugged into a video while having a meal. How usually have we loved comedians because they add a tinge of laughter in our severe and otherwise grave lives? But have you ever wondered stand up comedy goes beyond humor and laughter? How many times do we think logically about the jokes once we are out of the auditorium? More often than not, these sets are made to make us realize things that were ignored otherwise.

Here are a few comedians that go beyond humor Stand up. They talk on social, political, and economic issues that are otherwise not paid attention to. Some are such a crucial part of our behavior that we don’t realize that it is wrong. In contrast, others are societal norms that are wrong and yet followed.

1) Varun Grover :

Varun Grover has been a comedian who has always been talking about issues in society. He also targets the media and their ways of looting information. In a set of his “Heckling and Hukum Singh,” he talks about various currently discussed and accused topics. He addresses how people and airlines had reacted too much on Arnab’s and Kamra’s issues. He makes us realize how, as a society, we focus on wrong things, and the right things are sidelined. He supported karma and underlined how one couldn’t be polite while talking to Arnab. He also spoke about politicians’ lack of education, knowledge, and sense while criticizing their work in general.

2) Sanjay Rajoura :

Sanjay Rajoura is a stand up comic known for his set on Indian mard. In his collection on Indian mard, he talks about how egoistic and patriarchal they are. He talks about how egocentric, self- centered they are. Even though he jokes about a few things like their drinking habits, the pride they take in drinking more, and how they give little signs of assaulting a woman when they are drunk, his main motive is to highlight the wrong beliefs and values inherited by them.

3) Kunal Kamra :

Kunal Kamra is known for targeting politics, politicians, and their behaviors. In many of his sets, he is seen talking about our prime minister Narendra Modi and his relationship with other political parties. Kunal kamra is also known for his straightforwardness, upfront behavior, and standing up for what is right. More often than not, his sets talk about political satire. In one of his stand-ups, he is also seen targeting business people and how they unknowingly rule politics and the economy. All in all, Kamra has always gone beyond standards to comment upon society.

4) Rohan Joshi :

Rohan Joshi is one of the most sensible comics that we have. His humor and satire are always on point. More often than not, he talks about the things ignored by society. In one of his recent stand-ups, he spoke about the educational system and different board system that it has. All in all, his satire is based upon how there isn’t a concept of various boards, but just fancy names. He also talked about caste systems and societal norms and regulations. His sense of humor is mature and always goes beyond jokes and fun.

5) Karunesh Talwar :

Karunesh Talwar is yet another comic who targets society, culture, advertisements through his stand up sets. In one of his stand-up games, he talks about fairness creams and how they are incredibly racist. While talking about it, he blames consumers as well as suppliers for it. There are some inherited beliefs, norms, and culture we have that are problematic. Karunesh Talwar, as a comedian, tries to comment upon such things.

This is just Prittle Prattle News‘ list of comics that go beyond comedy. Do you have your list? If yes, then what are you waiting for? Do share yours.

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