Spider-Man No Way Home’s gift to the Indian Hip-Hop music lovers; brings back BenZ in action

&flix partners with Dopeadelicz for a special rap song for the Flix First premiere, After uniting three spideys, Spider-Man No Way Home reunites Dopeadelicz marking the come back of BenZ in the crew

‘Spider-Man’ the name is enough to ring bells in our minds as memories of our childhood with our beloved superhero reignite in our brains. The first Superhero to enter India is still the favourite of most of us. Search trends indicate a landslide lead for Spider-Man as the most searched superhero of 2021.

The popularity only grew further with the release of Spider-Man: No Way Home, the film that united three spideys for the first time in history. Now, in India, the film has accomplished another task reuniting the Dopeadelicz crew.

Found in 2010, Dopeadelicz has been a favorite for all hip-hop fans across the country, being the first multilingual rap group. The crew consists of three talented musicians Tony Sebastian aka Stony Psycho Rajesh Radhakrishnan aka Dope Daddy and Agnel Avinash Benson aka BenZ.

The fans of the crew surely must have missed BenZ who was away from the group for the past few years owing to his commitments. But as Spider-Man: Now Way Home united our three favorite spideys in the multiverse, it has also united the three Dopeadelicz rappers. Benz makes his comeback to the crew with the recently recorded rap song for the Flix First Premiere of Spider-Man: No Way Home on &flix.

Speaking about BenZ’s return, Tony Sebastian aka Stony Psycho shared, “It’s been 5 years since Benz left the crew to explore opportunities abroad but now Good Lord that he is back. We are doing a track together after 5 years. You can imagine the kind of enthusiasm and emotions that we have for this track for the Flix First Premiere of Spider-Man: No Way Home.

It’s been a very, very long time and while he wasn’t here, things have changed drastically. This track has brought us back and is binding us together. This is bringing him back to hip-hop once again. There are a lot of people who have been waiting for BenZ and I think that this is the right track, this is the right song and people will see BenZ back in the game. Adding to the inputs, Rajesh Radhakrishnan aka Dope Daddy said, “It’s a similar situation to that in the movie where three Spideys unite to fight. Here as well, three of us have come together to make it happen. This track is going to be really big in hip-hop as the trio gang is back and people can see the old group together. The original Dopeadelicz is back.”

About coming back, Benz shared, “I am blessed to make my come back with a huge project like Spider-Man. This is something very big for me as I have been watching Spider-Man since childhood, so it’s a big achievement. It’s like a milestone, a checkpoint that I have crossed in life. It’s a happy moment for me. The three rappers would be accompanied by Yoku from 7Bantaiz in this multilingual rap song that includes English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam raps.

Do not forget to tune in to the newly released Spider-Man: No Way Home rap song and watch your favourite hip-hoppers in action.

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