Sony Entertainment Television’s mythological narrative Yashomati Maiyaa Ke Nandlala that beautifully represents a mother-son bond is all set to take a 3-year leap starting tonight at 8.30 pm

Since its launch, the show has brought forth Yashoda Maiyaa’s caring and protective side. She is a loving mother who makes sure her little Kanha is protected and loved in every possible way.

Taking a leap of 3 years, the show is all set to enter into the ‘Baalpan Adhyay.’ Also celebrating ‘Krishna Janmotsav’ this month, viewers can now be a part of Lord Krishna’s new journey only on Sony Entertainment Television.

Viewers have until now witnessed Maiyaa Yashoda rejoicing in happiness seeing her natkhat Kanha’s firsts. With the show taking a 3-year leap, viewers will get to see the new journey of Maiyaa Yashoda and her grown-up Kanha and their bond getting stronger. Through this journey, viewers will also witness how Lord Krishna grows up into a curious child and questions about things around him.

While Neha Sargam and Rahul Sharma will continue to essay the roles of Yashoda Maiyaa and Nand Maharaj post leap, the show has roped in popular child actor Trisha Sarda to essay the role of the 5-year-old Krishna.

“Yashoda Maiyaa as a character has always built a great intrigue within me. Since its launch, the show not only provided an entertaining watch with the story of an unbreakable bond between a mother and son but also successfully showcases other important characters that had an impact on Lord Krishna’s life. While it’s a huge responsibility to play such a character, I truly consider myself fortunate to be a part of this beautiful journey. Ever since I started working on the show, I have been learning something new about her that leaves me amazed. And, as the show takes a 3 year leap, the viewers will get to witness how Yashoda Maiyaa’s little Kanha grows into a curious child and how Maiyaa’s life revolves around her little Kanha. Maiyaa will continue to protect her little Kanha like the way she has done before. The show gave me an opportunity to essay a mother and I’m excited to live this part of Maiyaa’s life. Thus, looking forward to this new chapter and I hope the audience shows the same love they have been showing till now.”

Talking about the new chapter of Maiyaa Yashoda’s life, actress Neha Sargam

“Lord Krishna’s tales have always built a great intrigue within me. No matter how many tales may be spoken about, there are certain facets and characteristics that remain unexplored and through ‘Yashomati Maiyaa Ke Nandlala’ we get to showcase it on-screen. I think it’s this little curiosity and fascination that keeps me motivated to bring something new to the table each time I’m in front of the camera. With the 3 -year leap, the viewers will get to witness how little Kanha grows into a curious child. Portraying a character that has a great significance in our mythology and spiritual beliefs is an exciting challenge which I look forward to.”

Talking about the leap Rahul Sharma essaying Nand

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