Photos-to-Prison App Pelipost Featured in Tampa Bay Inno

Pelipost has been featured by the innovation-focused news outlet Tampa Bay Inno. The feature includes interviews with mother-son founders Becky and Joseph Calderon, sharing their personal story of how Pelipost came to be.

Pelipost: While Becky Calderon was incarcerated, she’d request photos from Joseph’s life so she could feel closer to him. “It was such a pain point to go to Walgreens or a CVS to get photos printed and then send them to her,” he said. “And I thought, ‘I have thousands of photos on my phone, wouldn’t it be awesome to send them directly to the prison?'”

In 2016, the Calderons launched Pelipost to address this pain point. Because of the distinct and sometimes complicated rules for different correctional facilities, Pelipost has been able to leverage increasingly stronger relationships with these facilities to make the process easier for everyone.

“Part of the reason we created Pelipost was so I could show people that this is my son and this is my life,” Becky said in a statement. “The pictures validate that you are someone, that you have a family that cares, and that you created something good. The feeling can’t be matched.”

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