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Nafe Khan talks about Nepotism in Bollywood

By Nafe khan (Abhanshkumar)

Nafe Khan’s impromptu interview with Prittle Prattle News!

Nafe Khan talks about Nepotism in Bollywood.

Nafe Khan, aka Abhansh Kumara , an actor in Bollywood, Tollywood films in a candid conversation with Prittle Prattle News. I would love to share my experience of the last few years of working with Bollywood as an actor. Due to Nepotism in Bollywood for an actor, what all problems and pains one has to go through.

In my career of 12 years in the industry with my hard work, I have not only seen but gone through the pains and partial behavior against actors like me, who does not have any Bollywood background or godfather, and how difficult it created for such actors to even survive by the so-called Bollywood background fraternity. You may find my talks bitter or unpleasant, but please keep your hand on heart and have the courage to stand by the truth, then only you can relate to my experience.

Suppose one doesn’t have any support or strong backing, its next to impossible to live in Mumbai. As an actor, I would rather say that to become an actor first, then ensure one retains his or her place is not an easy task and none less than a war situation. The struggle in an actor’s life is an unending experience. Applies to everyone, a star or a struggler, it doesn’t leave an actor and haunts at every step. Every day, hundreds of youngsters from across the nation come to Mumbai with their dreams of becoming an actor, some without any preparation, and under the wrong impression that they would taste success quickly, but when they face reality in industry, they come to the terms.

In Mumbai, life is that to keep self-motivating oneself, itself is an uphill task. And there is a complete sense of accomplishment when one not only sticks to his position, continue to do hard work and be successful. Many can’t handle the pressure for long and give up after some time. But with my experience, let me assure you that in such a case, the support of our people, including family and friends, make this struggle very easy.

People get depressed and get involved in negative things. Now, suddenly everyone has started talking about Nepotism in Bollywood and pointing fingers. People who neither have an iota of knowledge about Bollywood or sense and pass loose comments or judgments based on fake news they subscribed to.

  • Do you think its right to point fingers on anyone without having any knowledge?
  • Why pointing fingers on actors producers suddenly? And put all in one category? Is it right?
  • Now, if any director or producer is not giving work to a newcomer. It may be due to his incapability; people are also pointing fingers on them that they are hiring A-rated stars. Is this right to say this without even asking oneself the reason for his rejection?
  • Without any logic, sense, or facts, they just passing lose comments. Just ask yourself how many movies of new actors have you watched in theaters? And how many newcomers have you supported?

Because neither you support new actors nor their movies, that’s the critical reason for newcomers to face Nepotism. When you will not watch the newcomer’s movies, and it flops, who would give work to newcomers after inadequate public response? Just imagine, if we as a country, decide to support new actors, their movies. How good it would be to help them get their career in industry. Many people will get work, and producers will get a new life, genuinely speaking, its only public makes any actor or the crew of a movie, a star, and is above all.

The person whom the public follows is a hit. For them, demand goes up, financers, producers line up with new projects. THE REASON… THE PUBLIC SUPPORT AND those who don’t have public support, they end up getting into depression. The reason could be many. No work, financial difficulties, family, and peer pressure, and under all this pressure, they chose wrong decisions. It is the same story of so many actors who committed suicide: Inder Kumar, Sushant Singh Rajput. Nepotism is everywhere, starting from the bottom at the casting level to the top level. It is my personal experience.

And unfortunately, the audience wants to support only actors who either have a significant background or are cast by big producers and directors or are concerning them. There is nothing wrong with helping and giving priority to your own family or friends, but having said that, one needs to respect someone deserving and capable. If the audience also starts watching and supporting actors come from outside, this actor needs not to beg and go after big producers and directors for work. And these producers and directors would love to give them work.

A good movie, supported by the audience, makes all the difference and makes a career in the whole unit of any movie. If the audience does not see and support any video, let it be of any big or small actor. Then its a flop. I want to share my personal experience. I have done ten movies out of which one is a Marathi movie. Few of my films are already released, namely. Aahinsa, Mumbai shooters, bhag kahan tak bhagega, unfriends, fakt tujha sathi These movies were good but didn’t get audience much needed support and got off-screen quickly. People said why to waste money on new stars, and we will watch big stars movies only.

I have some new undergoing movie projects, but producers are scared because of the original actor cast. Even distributors don’t touch these movies and its a challenging task to also get screens for movie releases. I humbly request all the audience to change their views towards a new actor, start going to the theatre to watch their movies, and shower us with your love. It will be a big game-changer and give new actors a fair chance with your support. And they need not go door to door for survival. It will remove Nepotism and help newcomers to succeed. My only request and wish that our audience supports us and shower their love on us convey Nafe Khan to Prittle Prattle News reporter.

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