NALIP, Gold House & Partners Announce #LatinxGoldOpen

NALIP, Gold House & Partners Announce #LatinxGoldOpen

The National Association of Latino Independent Producers (NALIP) announced today that they have partnered with Gold House, creators of #GoldOpen, to present #LatinxGoldOpen, a social movement dedicated to ensuring opening weekend success of Latinx films across the country.

For the first time, NALIP, representing the Latinx communities, and Gold House, representing the AAPI communities, have joined together in supporting new majority voices to prove representation means gold. The opening weekend is the most critical time window for film projects to guarantee their vitality. #LatinxGoldOpen will increase awareness of premieres through an extensive network of influencers and bring together audiences to guarantee success of Latinx-centric projects through theater buyouts and increased individual and bulk ticket purchases.

“Countless studies have demonstrated that films with diverse casts in front and behind the camera tend to do better at the box office. While Hollywood knows this to be true, there is still a long road ahead for proper diverse representation,” says Benjamin Lopez, Executive Director of NALIP. “We’re excited to work with Gold House for the #LatinxGoldOpen initiative promoting Jon M. Chu’s film In the Heights, based on the stage musical by the same name by Lin-Manuel Miranda and Quiara Alegría Hudes. This partnership is a strong example of multicultural organizations coming together to support one cause, amplifying and supporting authentic stories and diverse talent in the media and proving that there is a worldwide audience for them.”

The Latinx community accounts for 23% of movie ticket sales and contributes to over $1.3 trillion in consumer spending. Recent studies including the 2021 UCLA Hollywood Diversity Film Report reveal that among the top films of 2020 only 2.7% of directors, 3.2% of writers, and 5.4% of lead characters were Latinos. Equally-vital, the Latinx and Asian and Pacific Islander communities are both the fastest-growing populations in the United States while also accounting for the two most-frequent movie-going groups (Pew Research, MPAA). The two communities share several endemic characteristics: 75+% grow up in bilingual households that are also the nation’s most multigenerational.

The #LatinxGoldOpen initiative kicks off with In The Heights premiering on June 11th, 2021 in theaters and on HBOMax. From the masterminds of Lin-Manuel Miranda and Jon M. Chu, In The Heights is a true celebration of the rich and diverse Latinx culture by representing Afro-Latinx, Queer, and Indigenous communities. #LatinxGoldOpen will continue to provide support for future releases that accurately portray Latinx culture.
Lin-Manuel Miranda and Jon M. Chu’s upcoming film, In the Heights does an amazing job highlighting the Afro-Latinx experience in America and amplifying the myriad of individuals who live it. This film is a true celebration of the music, dance, culture, and people that create the fabric of our Latinx communities and provides Hollywood with much-needed, proper intersectional diverse representation. Not just about gentrification, this film is deeper than that; it’s about embracing your roots, exploring self-identity, and our sueñitos. We encourage everyone to join the #LatinxGoldOpen movement to celebrate our beautiful Latinx community so we can ensure more projects like In The Heights are made.” – Cinestar’s Zoe, Cisely and Mariel Saldana.

“Since the first Gold Open for Crazy Rich Asians, I’ve witnessed first-hand what materializes when communities rally to support each other. We’re in this fight to be seen, heard, valued, and advocated for together. So from our crazy family to our new one in Washington Heights, I am thrilled to unite with Latinx leaders and family members to make history–again.” said actress, Gemma Chan.

Eugenio Derbez said, “Very excited for our company 3pas Studios to partner with Areu Brothers Studios to bring In the Heights to our LatinX community in Atlanta. Thanks to NALIP and Gold House #LatinxGoldOpen initiative for putting this together and supporting diversity in film and TV.  It’s important we get behind our creative community and Lin Manuel Miranda is one of the creators we are all most proud of.  I’m also in Atlanta shooting our next movie and selfishly want to see In the Heights on the big screen ASAP!”

Tatyana Ali added, “Lin-Manuel Miranda and Jon M. Chu’s upcoming film, In the Heights is a much-needed celebration of the diverse perspectives and identities that make up our Latinx communities. To experience the sounds and sights of one’s own culture on the big screen is a balm to the soul. This film is also an invitation to listen to the dreams of others—a declaration of the sueñitos we all share. Join the #LatinxGoldOpen movement to ensure that more stories like In the Heights are told!”

Several multi-cultural organizations including CAPE, African-American Film Critics Association, Define American, The Blackhouse Foundation, and more have joined the effort behind #LatinxGoldOpen.

“The African American Film Critics Association (AAFCA) and NALIP are longtime allies who share a similar mission to advance balanced representation of how our respective communities are presented in media. We look forward to lending our full support to #LatinxGoldOpen in support of the In The Heights opening on June11th!” said Gil Robertson IV, AAFCA CEO.

#GoldOpen was created in 2018 to support the successful opening weekend of Crazy Rich Asians. Since then, the movement has expanded with ongoing partners the Coalition of Asian Pacifics in Entertainment, AMC Theatres, and more to support more than two dozen films to box office success including Parasite and The Farewell.


The National Association of Latino Independent Producers (NALIP) seeks to inspire, promote, and advocate for Latinx content creators in media.

About Gold House

Gold House is the premier nonprofit collective of Asian founders, creative voices, and leaders dedicated to unifying the world’s largest populace–Asians and Pacific Islanders–to fight for authentic multicultural representation and societal equity. Our ventures include membership systems and benefits to fortify relationships among Asians and with other marginalized communities

About CAPE

CAPE (Coalition of Asian Pacifics in Entertainment) advances representation in Hollywood through three main verticals (1) nurturing and engaging creative talent and executive leadership, (2) providing cultural content consulting and talent referrals, and (3) championing projects for critical box office and streaming success. Through the CAPE New Writers Fellowship, CAPE Leaders Fellowship, Storyline Partners, CAPE Database, and Gold Open, CAPE is breaking barriers to representation from the writers’ room to the boardroom to the living room.


Established in 2003, AAFCA is the premier body of Black film critics in the world, actively reviewing film and television, with a particular emphasis on entertainment that includes the Black experience and storytellers from the African Diaspora. The organization’s primary mission is to cultivate understanding, appreciation and advancement of the contributions of African descended talent to cinematic and television culture – from the artistic and technical legends of the past to the still unimagined breakthroughs of future generations.  AAFCA members are a geographically diverse cross-section of journalists, covering all genres of the cinematic arts, while representing multiple mediums – including print, TV, radio broadcast and online. Collectively, they reach a worldwide audience in excess of 100 million. As a non-profit organization, AAFCA is committed to numerous educational and philanthropic efforts, particularly those that foster and celebrate diversity and inclusion.

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