MX Player Launches a Seamless Self-Serve Ad Platform for large, medium & small advertisers, MX Advantage

A One Stop Solution for Small, Medium & Large Businesses in India, along with Business owners, Marketing managers, Media agencies, SMEs, Metro & Non-Metro advertisers

With advanced developments and strategies paving the way for new ideas and platforms, India is considered one of the largest drivers of digital innovations worldwide. This has allowed the OTT and digital entertainment market to grow multi-folds. With tremendous growth opportunities, MX Player has announced the launch of MX Advantage, a one-stop solution for brands across India to leverage the power of content across formats, languages, and genres. Promising MXimum Entertainment & MXimum Growth,

MX Advantage will empower the digital advertising industry to advertise across all forms of entertainment through impact-driven campaigns, thus helping them maximize ROI and achieve business objectives. MX Player is a global brand with over 300 Million Monthly Active users globally, 236 Million Monthly active users in India, recording an average time spent of 56 minutes per user per day with over 200,000 hours of content, 800+ Original Series, Web Series, International & Dubbed Content and over 10 Billion minutes of Monthly Watch time. MX Player is the world’s second app after YouTube to get over 1 Billion downloads and this gives brands a huge scale and an impactful reach amongst their preferred target audience.

MX Advantage (https://mxadvantage.mxplayer.in/) is a platform for all of MX Player’s existing & new advertisers to launch ad offerings. Unmatched in its offerings versus other OTT platforms, MX Advantage gives brands an opportunity to advertise across all forms of entertainment on OTT, gaming, music, live, and video streaming, among other features available on MX Player. It’s an opportunity to build plans that deliver across their marketing objectives, be it branding, consideration, intent, and purchase. It has a larger outreach and impacts through multiple ad offerings such as video & display ads, live streaming, sponsorships, rich media ads, and entertainment commerce.

This innovative, engaging platform has been introduced to make MX inventory directly available to Small, Medium, and Large business owners, marketing managers, media agencies, SMEs, Metros and non-Metro advertisers. With key benefits like customization and complete campaign control, the self-serve platform offers immersive Ad formats across tabs such as Video, Display, Audio and Content Solutions that will help drive brand awareness and engagement. Furthermore, brands can seamlessly leverage MX Advantage’s additional offerings, including sponsorships, rich media ads, entertainment commerce, etc., under the same roof. There are several benefits as a part of the promotional launch period for verified advertisers who sign up on the platform.

Commenting on the launch, Nikhil Gandhi, Chief Operating Officer, MX Player, said, “We are India’s first entertainment super app driven by high-tech innovations and offers content that appeals to our consumers. As technology continues to infiltrate every aspect of our lives, convenience is more important now than ever before for businesses of all sizes. We understand Bharat, which has led us to be the second-largest video platform in India with 236 million users, which helps advertisers reach a larger audience in today’s highly competitive market. MX Advantage is a one-stop solution for advertisers of all sizes and budgets, including our current partner advertisers. Our huge and diverse user base across demography, markets, interests, and languages will help brands reach the audience that matters for their business.”

MX Player has also partnered with a technology platform, DanAds, to make its engaging media and industry-leading advertising solutions available to Small and Medium Businesses in India through MX Advantage.

Istvan Beres, CEO and Co-Founder, DanAds, said, “The launch of MX Advantage is hugely exciting. With a strong foothold in India and a growing global presence, MX Player is well-positioned to take full advantage of the benefits offered by self-serve advertising.

Streaming TV is one of the hottest formats right now for sponsored content, and we look forward to offering an engaging and dynamic solution for MX Player’s portfolio of advertisers. Speed, ease-of-use, and flexible budgets are some of the most important factors for SME advertisers, and DanAds is proud to partner with MX Player to offer just that.” Advertisers, brands, and agencies can directly access the MX Advantage portal via: https://mxadvantage.mxplayer.in/

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