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Mera Joota hai Japani… Phir bhi Dil hai Hindustani

AHMEDABAD, India, Feb. 8, 2021 A very popular song Mera from the Raj Kapoor’s film in 1950’s, resonates with the feelings of Ashutosh Rawal. The song conveys the ideology that you may travel across the world and adapt to different cultures & styles but at the core of the heart, you are an Indian. Traveler by heart and explorer by nature, Ashutosh Rawal feels a deep connection with Japan and its people. He has very innocently narrated these heartwarming & rib-tickling experiences in his upcoming book about his travel experiences to Japan.

He admiringly quotes Mahatma Gandhi: “I do not want my house to be walled in on all sides and my windows to be stuffed. I want the cultures of all lands to be blown about my house as freely as possible. But I refuse to be blown off my feet by any.” This, he says, has a deeper spiritual meaning wherein you keep your mind and heart open to other cultures but stay grounded in your moral values & principles. He has traveled to over 70 countries now but remains rooted in Indian culture and its values system.

Many of his friends feel that he is Crazy About Japan. However he is proud about his love and flaunts his connection with Japan, its people and its culture. He takes the fondness to another level. He goes into the history and finds out that many Indians have settled in Japan for over a century and many of them were Gujarati, Parsi and Sindhi. A recent news talks about conferring the second highest civilian award of Padma Vibhushan to Ex-Prime Minister of Japan – Mr. Shinzo Abe for “exceptional and distinguished service” — in the field of public affairs. He also talks about Yogendra Puranik becoming the first person of Indian origin to win elections in Japan. The point being highlighted is the great connection between two countries and its people.

He has studied in Japanese language as an exchange student and strongly feels that Gujarati & Japanese language has a lot of similarities. He cites the example of Gujarati’s saying “Ha Ji Namaste” whereas in Japanese language they say “Hajime Mashtey”, when they meet someone for the first time. Gujarati/Hindi word “Seva” also has a similar meaning in Japanese language. There are many such similarities as the grammatical construction of the speech is also very similar for both the languages. In his upcoming book, he fondly talks about many such similarities and anyone would love reading these interesting narratives conveyed in a simple and witty Mera manner. Small stories with wonderful & heartwarming life lessons are the takeaway from his book. Don’t miss to buy and read this fantastic book to be released in March 2021. He talks in a witty manner with a great sense of humour but the underlying message has deeper meaning. Keep looking at this space for more details.

Ashutosh Rawal strongly feels past life connection with Mera Japan. He has created life-time friendships and bond with the people of Japan. He becomes highly emotional when he talks about his friends and host families in Japan. Tears roll down his cheeks and he becomes philosophical as he narrates some amazing and highly touching experiences with people of Japan. In the end, he laughs and calls himself Japanese Gujju.
Ashutosh Rawal is a world traveler, photographer, adventure Mera seeker, writer, teacher, snake charmer as well as a student forever. Professionally working in the field of Tourism, Destination Marketing and Corporate Events, he travels across India and the globe for his work. He leads the Travel Company called Kairamya Journeys LLP.,  based in Ahmedabad. He is highly excited about his upcoming book release which narrates his travel experiences in Japan.

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