Maggi is trending on Twitter following Zomato’s announcement that it will be delivered in 10 minutes. Look at the reactions

Deepinder Goyal announced that Maggi would be delivered via their 10-minute food stations as well.

#Maggi began trending furiously on Twitter shortly after the announcement.

The internet isn’t overjoyed with Zomato’s 10-minute food delivery service, as founder Deepinder Goyal was chastised online shortly after the online food delivery platform announced it on Monday. Soon after, Deepinder Goyal stated in a blog post that Zomato is not pressuring its delivery partners to deliver food faster. He also listed the food items available through their 10-minute food delivery service, which includes Maggi.

There were no prizes for guessing that Maggi quickly became a trending topic on Twitter following the announcement. Why? Because users claimed they could make it much faster at home rather than having it delivered.

Deepinder Goyal wrote, “Yes, we will also serve you, through our 10-minute food stations:).”
Twitter users had various reactions to the new post, which also involved their favorite snack. Some people were upset by the announcement and flooded the microblogging site with their thoughts.

The authored article is written by Darshana Joshi and shared with  Prittle Prattle News exclusively.

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