KK Modi Group commemorates late KK Modi’s 82nd birth anniversary

The “My Stamp and Special Cover”, released by the Department of Posts, Government of India, celebrates the Indian industry’s doyen and KK Modi Group’s patriarch.

KK Modi Group, one of India’s most respected conglomerates, celebrated late KK Modi’s, 82nd birth anniversary with an official release of a customised “My Stamp and Special Cover”.

The postage stamp, released by the Department of Posts, Government of India, celebrates life of a legend, and represents the late KK Modi’s inspirational life and contribution to India’s business landscape.

The “My Stamp and Special Cover” were released by Mr. Ashok Kumar, Postmaster General, Delhi circle with Dr. Bina Modi, Chairperson and Managing Director of the KK Modi Group, Ms. Charu Modi and Mr. Samir Modi, Executive Directors of the group, and late KK Modi’s brother, Mr. Satish Modi, at the Group’s corporate office in Delhi.

“Mr. Modi always left an impression on everyone he met. He valued each employee of the Group and encouraged to push boundaries. For me and for every member of the KK Modi Group family, KK will live on forever. On his 82nd birthday, it is befitting to immortalise his memory by releasing a stamp. Time after time, this commemorative stamp will remind and encourage everyone to follow in his footsteps and strive to deliver their best. KK has been immortalised.”

Remembering late KK Modi, Dr. Bina Modi said,

“I’m certain that my father is smiling down on us today. Such was his personality that he is interwoven in all aspects of our lives. To me, he was a great teacher. Two of his most treasured teachings for me are ‘creating bankable goodwill’ and ‘seizing the challenge’, especially if it is impossible. These teachings motivated me and everyone in the family to find and follow our paths. I’m grateful and honoured that we are celebrating him today with this precious gift of a customised “My Stamp and Special Cover”.

Remembering her father, Ms. Charu Modi, said,

On the occasion of the stamp release, “Today we are celebrating everything that my father ever was and preserving everything that he will ever be. Along with being a wonderful father, he was my boss, role model, businessman, and a visionary. He was a leader who led by example. Indeed, he was larger than life and an inspiration to me. One of his principles that I abide by is that ‘a handshake is a contract’. It has made me more honest as a person and professional. Our hearts swell with love and pride at the launch of this iconic stamp honouring my father on this very special day.”

Mr. Samir Modi, Executive Director of the Group, said,

Mr. Satish Modi, remembered his elder brother’s respect for family values and how he carried forward his father, Rai Bahadur Gujarmal’s legacy.

The CEO and Whole-time Director of the Group’s flagship company, Godfrey Phillips India Ltd., Mr. Sharad Aggarwal remembered his mentor and guide on the occasion, “I joined this company as a twenty something engineer and spent years under his wing. Even today, my business ethos and decisions are driven by the wisdom Mr. Modi imparted. He touched so many lives and I am grateful that I was one of them.”

Late KK Modi was a steadfast business leader keen on imbuing people-centricity into business strategy as a means to achieve holistic progress and success. Guided by KK Modi’s vision, today the group is a well-diversified business conglomerate Godfrey Phillips India Limited, Indofil Industries, Modicare, and Colorbar.

For more information: Harmanjit Singh, Vice President – Corporate Affairs, Godfrey Phillips India Ltd, harmanjit@modi-ent.com.

Mr. Ashok Kumar (centre), Postmaster General of Delhi Circle releases a customised “My Stamp and Special Cover” honouring late KK Modi on his 82nd birth anniversary, with Charu Modi, Mr. Satish Modi, Dr. Bina Modi and Samir Modi.

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