Instashield Launches Its First Ad Campaign on IPL Hotstar and Social Media

Instashield India Private Limited, India’s leading consumer durables technology company has rolled out its first ad film today on IPL Hotstar, social media platforms and youtube. The ad campaign features the benefits of using the company’s plug-n-device, Instashield to protect oneself from all sorts of viruses, including the coronavirus.

The ad film showcases a family of 5 members, where a male member is seen advocating the benefits of using the Instashield product, which kills viruses of all sorts including the coronavirus, with the technology of electron neutralization and that the product can be used at all the places. He also tries to compare the difference between an air purifier and a virus slayer.

Reacting to the statement by female members, “phir to ye bahut mehenga hoga and safe to hai”, the man astonishingly responds, trying to convince that Instashield is the best product available to keep the family safe and is available at a reasonable price. The family featured in the ad film looks mesmerised on knowing the benefits of Instashield. At the end of the ad film, the voice over tells that the product actively responds in a large coverage of 5000 square feet of area.

Commenting on the launch of Instashield’s first ad film, Hitesh M. Patel, Promoter & Director of Instashield says, “Instashield is a medical device technology, which is a perfect fit to combat the on-going virus challenges. It is a plug-n-play device, which is the need of the hour, and to market such a product is of utmost importance for us to ensure the lives of people around us are healthy and safe.”

Further adding to the launch of the ad film, C.S. Jadhav, CEO, Instashield says, “This ad comes as our first marketing initiative, which is launched only on OTT and digital platforms. We intend to go really aggressive on promoting this technology and product going forward, on the print and electronic media, digital marketing, influencer engagement and PR. All our future marketing initiatives will see great and prudent spends as we plan to be present in all geographies across the country”.

“In the on-going pandemic, the product is the need of the hour and we aim to place ourselves at homes, schools, hotels, hospitals, airports, restaurants and every enclosed place so that each one of us is safe. Instashield is currently available on e-commerce platforms and our D2C website,” adds, Jadhav.

Ideating and creating Instashield’s first ad film, Ankit Khera, Brand Advocate says, “The ad is created to demonstrate the need to keep your family safe and prevent each other from the on-going pandemic. The product is simple to use at any place. The tagline of Instashield #Taaki Zindagi Chalti Jaye, ensures people to have a safe and healthy life without any health issues pertaining to the viruses”.

The ad film is seen on the IPL Hotstar, social media platforms and Youtube.

About Instashield technology:

The technology of Instashield is a Patent Technology backed by science and has received support from Telangana State Innovation Cell (TSIC), International Advanced Research Centre for Powder Metallurgy and New Materials (ARCI) and is an accredited lab tested and certified by Council Of Scientific And Industrial Research–Centre For Cellular And Molecular Biology (CSIR–CCMB) and other labs like Electrical and Electronics Testing in Hyderabad (EMTAC) Vimta labs with CE for exports Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation (CDSCO), ISO 13485:2016, thus ensuring that it is 100% safe for humans and environment.

Instashield is a plug and play device that delivers the necessary signals to the electron emitters producing hypercharge high velocity electrons, which interact with the negative seeking s-protein of the corona family of viruses, thus, reducing infectivity and preventing air and surface borne transmission of the corona family of viruses. Its hyper charged cannons fire trillions (1-100 trillion electrons per second) of negatively charged ions, creating an electron cloud across closed spaces. A single device has an effective coverage area starting 5,000 square feet and activates within 18 minutes of time.

About Instashield

Instashield India Private Limited, a company registered in Hyderabad (Telangana) India as a Private Limited entity in August 2017. It envisions developing and delivering world class health care Medical Device Technology products at reasonable prices for higher accessibility and affordability to the market.

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