Experience ‘Boxed In-Think In’ for a mind-blowing, adrenaline-fuelled team-building experience unlike any other!

A creative and ingenious escape room in a box concept, ‘Boxed In – Think In’ is perfect for team-building away days and strengthening communication and trust between colleagues. 

‘Boxed In – Think In’ is the unique and breath-taking new escape room concept launched at Abu Dhabi Mall. Designed to test your brain cells in a whole new range of wonderful and imaginative ways, teams must seamlessly work together and cooperate to be in with a chance of beating all 80 slick and clever puzzles and challenges. 

For this reason, it is an excellent team-building adventure for every kind of business, and ‘Boxed In – Think in’ wants to welcome workforces from corporations of all sizes to visit and experience its quirky puzzles and testing challenges. At first, this one-of-a-kind experience looks like 12 tightly locked black boxes. Colleagues or teammates are then implored to look a little closer to find the subtly hidden riddle or clever mechanism that will help them unlock the first padlock and reveal the fantastic labyrinth of puzzles within each one.  

Containing between four to six different puzzles in each box, all team members, whether they are skilled with numbers, thinking logically, seeing the broader picture, or being creative, will play a crucial part in completing this enrapturing journey. Indeed, this is not a task for one individual. Such is the range of different brain-twisting challenges. It requires every team member’s skill set and mind to be completed successfully. For instance, the answer to two questions about mountains will unlock one padlock, while another hidden code will be revealed only by arranging a series of mirrors in the correct order. Teams will rely on each other’s feedback and ideas as they move through each test and engage with each box, while the triumphant feeling of unlocking each lock together is unforgettable. 

Proven to be a great way of helping employees to bond, communicate, relax, unwind, have fun and appreciate one another skills, workforces are welcome to come and enjoy this ground-breaking concept at Abu Dhabi Mall on any day of the week. Suitable for up to 10 groups of two to five colleagues, participants must channel all their concentration and skills to race against each other and complete as many tricky boxes as possible in one hour. Alternatively, one or several boxes can be hired and delivered straight to any office or workplace across the UAE. This makes it quick and easy for teams to try the puzzles at a time that suits them throughout the working day. Or, for a more comprehensive experience, groups can enjoy unlimited time to attempt all 12 boxes.

Marwan Shazali, CEO of Boxed-In Abu Dhabi, said: “With ‘Boxed In – Think In,’ we challenge colleagues to ‘think inside the box for a change and come together to view things from a new, unexpected perspective. Boxed-In is the most perfect team-building activity. It’s exciting and innovative, and most importantly, it encourages colleagues to talk and create special memories. After all, teamwork is the backbone of any company, and our new activity fits directly with the UAE government’s ambitions of keeping the working community happy and engaged.  

“Team building has been proven to bring countless benefits to businesses. This includes increased productivity levels, enhanced communication skills, and improved morale. It can also help individuals gain more confidence, discover their strengths and weaknesses, and develop leadership skills. At the same time, teams will be inspired to think more creatively, trust each other and collaborate. We can’t wait to welcome businesses from every kind of industry to come and have a go at ‘Boxed In – Think In’ or take it away with them to attempt in their environments.” 

Brought to the UAE capital by the same innovative minds behind the award-winning TEPfactor Dubai and Prison Island Abu Dhabi, ‘Boxed In – Think In’ is open daily at Prison Island in Abu Dhabi Mall from 10 am to 10 pm, with prices starting from AED 125 for adults. It can also be hired for offices or events.  

About ‘Boxed In – Think In’
‘Boxed In – Think’ In is an innovative, thrilling, and new kind of escape room full of fun and surprises. Starring over 80 puzzles and challenges within 12 boxes, teams must race against each other to try to unlock and escape from as many puzzle-packed boxes as they can in just one hour. With every box completed, teams will gain one token, and those who earn the most tokens in just one hour will move to the top of the leader board. Located in Abu Dhabi Mall in the UAE capital, it is the only escape-room-themed activity of its kind. Ideal for puzzle enthusiasts and families and friends of all ages, ‘Boxed In – Think In’ is a mobile activity that can be hired to bring extra excitement and laughter to birthday parties, corporate events, weddings, and family gatherings across the UAE.
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