Death Note’s 5 Most Hilarious Moments (& 5 Darkest)

Death Note's 5 Most Hilarious Moments (& 5 Darkest)
Death Note's 5 Most Hilarious Moments (& 5 Darkest)

Death Note is a violent anime with many tragic scenes that will chill you to the bone. But it also contains some hilarious ones!

If you ask any anime fan what their favorite anime is, odds are they’ll say Death Note. The blockbuster manga, created by Tsugumi Ohba, was translated into an anime series that rapidly became tremendously popular and lucrative. The series gained critical acclaim, particularly for its captivating plot, intriguing idea, and endearing lead characters.
While a series about a notebook with the ability to kill people is bound to be gloomy and violent, Death Note contains many amusing and light-hearted situations that wonderfully balance its dark and solemn parts. So, here are five instances the show made viewers laugh, and five times it made them uncomfortable.

Funny – A World Without Light
After losing their memories of the notebook, Light and Misa clean their names of being Kira, demonstrating their innocence to L. Misa insists on going on dates with Light, but they can only do so with L there.
Dark – Rem Kills L And Watari
Light manipulates Rem into writing the real names of both L and Watari, thus killing them in the episode “Silence” (considered by many to be when Death Note ended for them and the highest-rated Death Note episode) is precisely what she does.

L dies in Light’s embrace, his enemy’s arms, while Light smirks at him. It’s a genuinely terrible moment, as Kira will rule unchallenged for the first time without any natural resistance. Not only that, but he also murders all of the crooks that assisted him, including Aiber and Wedy.
Funny – The Potato Chip Scene
The now-famous potato chip scene was presumably meant to be serious and gloomy, but it comes off as silly and comical that it’s difficult to image it being severe. Light is shooting criminals while being watched, and he’s hidden a small television in a potato chip bag. “I’ll take a potato chip… AND EAT IT!” he exclaims while monologuing.

The sentence is amusing, but Ryuk in the background contorts his body because apple deprivation is much better. The tone in which he speaks that statement and the over-the-top animation are both quite amusing.
Dark-Light Kills Naomi Misora
Naomi Misora was Raye Penber’s fiancee, and she was on the quest for Kira after he murdered Raye. She meets Light, who discovers that Noami has found the truth: Kira may murder in ways other than heart attacks. He understands she was using a false identity when she doesn’t die and puts her name in the journal.
He masterfully fools her into giving him her true name while racing against the time. He writes her name, and 40 seconds later, he introduces himself as Kira. According to what Light wrote in the journal, she was to commit herself so that her corpse would not be discovered. She goes away to do so, and Light reflects on how close he had come to losing everything.
Funny – L Steals Misa’s Phone
A small throng comes to watch the legendary Misa-Misa after Misa reveals herself to L as Light’s girlfriend at To-Oh University. When Misa cries that someone groped her buttocks, everyone gazes at Ryuzaki, who has his hand out.
Ryuzaki exclaims angrily that this is an atrocity and that he will capture the perpetrator while marching about, and the world-famous L stomping around is extremely amusing. It turned out that it was L who was taking Misa’s phone. Genius.
The authored article is written by Darshana Joshi and shared with Prittle Prattle News  exclusively.
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