Carnival in Bermuda Invites Travelers To Experience A Summer Celebration Like No Other

With a gorgeous island setting as a backdrop, Carnival In Bermuda will bring together revelers from across the globe for several days and nights of pure island excitement from June 17-20. Produced by the Bermuda Mas Band Association, Local Promoters, Nova Mas International, Party People Entertainment and Code Red Bda, Carnival In Bermuda will feature local cuisine, fetes, Soca music, a “Revel de Road” parade of bands, a raft up and more, as well as a national feast celebrating Bermuda’s National Heroes.

“Carnival In Bermuda is a rebirth of Carnival-style festivities in Bermuda,” said Keidric Smith, Bermuda Mas Band Association Founder Member.

“We give all thanks to past organizers of Bermuda Carnival events who paved the way, and we look forward to bringing this epic event to locals and visitors for years to come. The bands behind the BMBA are creating a new and refreshing experience that highlights Bermudian talent, culture and artist, designers and people.”

2022 Carnival In Bermuda events include:

Evolve (June 16): The all-inclusive fete to kick off Carnival In Bermuda.Oasis Sunrise Fete (June 17): From 5am to 11 am, the party will keep on going as the sun rises over Bermuda.Swizzle @ Sunrise (June 18): Formerly known as Mai Tai Sunrise, this late-night / early morning experience will be unforgettable.Raft Up (June 18): A Bermudian tradition morphed into a unique and exciting event.Euphoria (June 18): Between 9pm to 3 am, this Beach Chic event will have in a state of intense excitement and happiness.Wetta (June 19): This all-inclusive, wet experience is drenched with a vibe that is second to none.Glow (June 19):

This year’s Glow theme is Moroccan White, and the event will feature top local and international entertainment in an amazing setting.Pure – The White Party (June 19): Under the big tent in the National Sports Centre, Pure is a glamourous experience from start to finish.JAM – J’Ouvert AM (June 20): A party that doesn’t stop ’til the sun comes up, JAM is a lively bacchanal with paint and water.Revel de Road (June 20): Two Mas bands, Party People Entertainment and Nova Mas International, will parade through the streets decked out in their most incredible outfits.

If you are looking to play mas with established bands there are two premier bands you can join in this year’s Revel de Road.

Both bands will be offering different all-inclusive Carnival packages that will enhance and elevate this year’s carnival experience.

Nova Mas International is offering Carnival In Bermuda attendees several custom packages, including a Couples Package, the Cram 2 Carnival Student Package, and the Road Dawg Package.

Party People Entertainment is offering Carnival In Bermuda attendees several custom packages, including Costume Packages, Carnival Light Package & Mr. & Mrs. Fete Packages.

About the Bermuda Tourism Authority
The Bermuda Tourism Authority (BTA) is an independent, non-government entity and the official destination marketing organization for the island country. The Bermuda Tourism Authority (BTA) promotes Bermuda globally as a world-class destination for leisure and group travel and tourism investment. For more information visit: www.gotobermuda.com/bermudatourism.

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