Bollywood is an ideal secular industry

Bollywood is a worldwide entertainment platform and the second largest film industry after Hollywood. The progress of Bollywood from scratch to a multiverse Industry is magnificent. Film Industry opens arms to people from any caste; or religion. Creativity is the main priority in Bollywood. Of course, Bollywood also has severe issues like excessive censorship, Nepotism, and some incidents of money laundering. Despite all these factors, it is the only industry where people cannot judge on gender or religion; instead, the art and craft is the main factor in showcasing your talent.

Since Bollywood started, it not only changed India’s socio-economic scenario but became a platform for creating employment opportunities for crores of the population. Talking about film generation, it is not a hidden fact that Bollywood has a camp culture. Many celebrities and film artists are divided into different camps. It is not recommendable, but it is not a crime. When particular actors, actresses, directors, and producers are working with each other, it is obvious to create more bonding and confidence.

To deliver commercially successful is the outcome for film producers. Many Bollywood fans are keen on the specific chemistry of actor-actress or for favorite director or producer. That becomes camp in Bollywood sometimes it has a negative impact also. It creates adverse effects on some dream projects too.

Along with box office calculation and priority to camp celebrity, there are chances of effect on creative film requirements. But as we know, it has become a business compulsion for filmmakers. There are also a few incidents where Nepotism becomes a priority than finding relevant casting. Though it is an old phenomenon, raising it in the late ’70s.

There are lots of dynasties in Bollywood, like Bacchan, Khan, and Kapoors. Many actors also build their careers from scratch—these families influence Bollywood.No one can stop you anywhere if you have the right talent at the right time. Of course, there are luck factors, but unless and until we try, we will not be able to achieve success. Hard work is no other alternative.

Raj Kapoor glamourizes the film industry in an aesthetic sense. Selection of story, as director, actor, editor, and producer, he proved himself at the box office and as the choice of the audience and critics. Early 60;s Raj Kapoor become most popular in Russia. He became a hero in Indian cinema and in the minds of the Russian people. Having a close relationship with Russ, Raj Kappor strongly influences progressive and socialist thoughts.

A technicality in Bollywood helped people together to co-existence with each other while working on films. Slowly Bollywood has become the hub of personal liberal opinions for the artist. In many artists’ lives, humanity became the first place rather than a priority in religion.

I feel that the Educated middle class primarily believes more in religion and, caste, regionalism. The elite class and people below the poverty line have not much influenced by societal hierarchy. They live in the present. The middle class lives in the past and future. Necessary extra belief in caste and religion is a pattern of dividing society.

In Bollywood, people do not have time to think about such things. By shooting day and night, they are segregated from everyday society. Different class altogether makes them more liberal. Prestige, money, and creativity do matter to the film industry. As we all know, more than 45 % of Bollywood couples did interreligious marriages. Is that having any effect on them? They are making careers whether they have a successful careers or not. But they are living in true secular life.

Religious bigotry is nothing but harmful to society. It keeps our minds suppressed from thinking. People can speak about anything about Bollywood, but ultimately, they only follow Bollywood celebrities at the end. Which industry remains Nepotism free or unbiased? If religion becomes dominant over the Bollywood boycott, will they be helping their artist? It is a matter of thing.

I want to convey there are a lot of topics discussed in Bollywood. But who is following true secularism? Then that is Bollywood.
This opinion article written by Mohit Soman, Senior Journalist  Prittle Prattle News.
(The opinion expressed in the article are personal )
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